Zaxxon arcade game (69,450) -

Zaxxon arcade game (69,450)

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Me,playing Zaxxon arcade game


  1. Wow, I grew up playing this or watching others play. I scored over 329k points back in the day and boy I was happy 11-year-old. 🙂 Great game!

  2. who or whats suspose to be zaxxon?the pilot of ship?

  3. OMG I am having major flashbacks to the 1980's! Get your quarters up!

  4. Excellent job! 🙂 This is the only video game I was ever good at back in the 80's <lol> 🙂 Thumbs up

  5. 0:22 – That sound would be perfect for a game show when someone buzzes in.

  6. one of the best 3-d space games I remember…the object was to keep firing as fast as possible see whether your ship cleared the wall while trying rack as many points as possible then donkey kong and super Mario took it over….did I mention the arcade had a flight stick joystick which made it entertaining

  7. ah.. i remember playing this game as a kid. it surely bring back sweet memories

  8. Does this game has an ending, or does it go on forever?
    (like many games in those days)

  9. I don't know why, but Zaxxon was like THE game for me. I sucked at it, but just thought it was amazing.

  10. I use to play this in 1982 in a San Jose grocery store.

  11. You can destroy Zaxxon if you shoot him three times before he fires at you, but that's tricky to do.

  12. ZaXXoN was 3D resurrection of Konami's 2D Scramble dedicated stand alone Arcade game. Gad, can't believe recall all those technical terms. Glad Zaxxon games designers included that high/low flying level indicator on upper left side, otherwise it was easy to mistakenly fly too low into ground target.

    Dumping another quarter for one credit gave opportunity for continued play on same stage already advanced to, but starting at zero points again. Better idea was continued stage play on Atari's Tempest, which automatically awarded set points. So someone plunking down $10 roll of quarters to work toward advancing to Tempest Invisible or Green stage, would begin play with a big chunk of default points. Similar to someone who actually worked for all those points, by surviving on one quarter.

    On several popular arcade games back then, anyone taking out every target by end of stages received extra bonus. Recall Zaxxon, Galaxian, Tron, Scramble, Galaga. And that laserdisc ground target bomber game during same era as Dragon's lair, also awarded big for clearing all targets.

    Toward end of mid 1980's Arcade era, games like Puyah offered miniature headphone jacks, along with volume control available on lower front of cabinet. As Sony Walkmans had been popular back then, so people already had headphone set.

  13. Aways thought this game was awesome.. but was so lousy at it. The perspective was weird

  14. 1980-1982. Quaaludes, microdots, blotter tabs, shrooms, and many, many bonghits… Some machines, if you did it just right, there was a sweet spot between the coin slot and the coin return, if you smacked it there with a roll of quarters in your fist, or a D battery, it would rack up credits. You had to be sly about it, because it was loud, and if you didn't get it right away, or if you did it too much, it would call attention to you. It worked on some pinball machines too. And once you loaded the machine, you could sell games to people. But if you got busted, they'd unplug the machine and kick you out.

  15. This was a brilliant game, because it ate quarters so quickly. One could truly never master it.

  16. One of the most…dreamlike video games of all time. There was something…weird about this game

  17. I remember playing this game at a pizza parlor called "Numero Uno" in Anaheim , Ca in 1983. I loved this game much better than the other games out there at the time such as Centipede, Joust, Dig Dug, Ms PacMan, etc, etc, …too many to remember…but I have always remembered this one game….I hope it still exists in some modern form!

  18. I remember the c64 version of this, it saved me so many 20 cent coins.

  19. Spent my retirement savings on this game and i could never master it.

  20. I actually hung out for hours at a strip joint and played this game and never bothered to look at the strippers lol

  21. So, is this were the Saxon hackers team from Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth got it's name from??

  22. Great game and you play it really well! Ty for the upload mang

  23. I always felt it looked like you were fighting on a mother board or a switch board

  24. i had this game on my collico vision when i had it .. i got past it many times

  25. This is my all time favorite game , As a kid II had a record of 21 flags and during the game I reached the maximum points of 999999 and the changed to 000000 .ahhh I would anything to own this game and play it again !

  26. Boys club of St. Louis brought me here. I miss the 90s.

  27. I was awful at Zaxxon but the game was groundbreaking in simulated 3D. Awesome game though.👍

  28. I used to play this at winky’s in Pittsburgh in early 80s

  29. i remember playing this old school video game a long time ago. the hardest part for me is getting past those beams.

  30. This game is literally the shittiest arcade game of all time. So overrated. And I've played em all.

  31. Was this the game that taught us that blowing up fuel tanks refuels your spaceship?

  32. I've never played this game but now I want to.

  33. I played this at Dragon's Dungeon, Fullerton Ca. early 80's

  34. This game was a blast to play when I was a kid. Spent hours and tons of quarters on it. Good times

  35. Congratulations! You get 200 points.
    Good !!

  36. Damn, 30 less points and you could have had 69,420

  37. What a trippy game. Remember it from my neighbor

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