You CANNOT LEAVE This Roblox Game... -

You CANNOT LEAVE This Roblox Game…

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This game 100% needs to be removed

– I stumble upon a Roblox Piggy Obby that reloads you back into the game every time you try to leave. How is this happening?



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  1. You cannot leave this game. Me who uses alt f4 are sure about that

  2. Its simpel on mobile just delete roblox and install it then log in and your free

  3. me when i was stuck on game: sigh i can't leave….

    UnO reverse card: how about me instead 🙂

  4. i had a nightmare about a game like this once last year except you join a different game and if you die there it tps you to another hard survival game where if you die again it kills you in real life

  5. "You can never leave this game"

    Me who presses alt + f4 everytime I leave : hehe boi

  6. Love how the comment is just people saying there is the x button and they can alt f4

  7. I escape this nightmare by clicking the circle that is part of the iPad

  8. Devoun : you cant leave this game!
    Task manager & Alt f4 : AM I A JOKE TO YOU?

  9. If your on a iPad by getting stuck to this game then how to do it:
    Step 1: click the home button
    Step 2: restart your iPad
    Step 3: try not to get that game in

  10. just try task manager if doesnt just shutdown and turn on in pc but in mobile devices or ipad your D E A D 🙂

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