Yellowed NINTENDO Advantage Restoration -

Yellowed NINTENDO Advantage Restoration

TysyTube Restoration
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This is the Nintendo NES Advantage!
This is a vintage Arcade style controller manufactured by Asciiware and released by Nintendo for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1987.
I Bought this Controller from Ebay and was Yellowed dirty with a missing joystick ball.
This restoration took me one week.
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  1. Epoxy ball looks great. Not gonna lie, I'd be tempted to take a little sip of that mixture.

  2. Clearly a trick question. How could we not want to see it restored? Curious what you'll do about the chip missing from the front, if anything.

  3. Very interesting when you restore something old and make it like a brand new. Thumbs up sir

  4. The magic sponge has always been so satisfying to cut with a knife.

  5. Hi! I like your videos!!! Can I have brand and model of your screwdriver and soldering iron? And possibly a link Thanks

  6. Cool vids, I hate muting them ASMR is dead. Dang UKs trying to keep old stuff alive. Just stop with the gey ASMR.

  7. Where did you get that soldering pen?

  8. I still have this joystick 🕹, in much better condition! I even still have the ball from the joystick itself.

  9. It feels like he watched an Oddtinkering video and now copies the format of restoring old consoles but he put his shitty stickers on everything.

  10. Wait! Which region is that NES? Never seen any with multi AV out, only with RF and composite AV(i have a PAL-B modell).

  11. Ah yes, the old triple reset button press. Works every time

  12. Professional at its finest! Down to the well leveled and centered labels. Attention to detail it TOP NOTCH. 👍

  13. Very nice 🙂 work always thanks 😊 have a wonderful blessed day today in our Lord GOD and savor JESUS Christ bye 💖😃

  14. Super restauration ! Bravo !
    Je me faisais suer à chercher de l'eau oxygénée sur Amazon et tu m'as fait réaliser que ça coûtait 20 balles les 5 litres chez Casto. 😭
    Ça serait vraiment sympa que tu mettes les liens pour acheter des outils comme les tiens dans ta vidéo. Notamment les moules pour faire des balltop et la résine qui va bien. J'ai fait pas mal de test pour en faire mais j'ai toujours foiré. Pareil le petit fer à souder avec les pannes clipables, je trouve ça top. 👍

  15. So I've heard that the de-yellow doesn't last and that it will turn back to yellow again in just a matter of months. Have you ever had this ever happen?

  16. I have that controller, and mine don't look like that. I have had it for the past twenty years, and I hardly use it. The controller is stored in a nice area. I don't want to sell it because it's part of my childhood that still working order.

  17. The magic sponge is like sand paper, please be careful when you use it on painted plastic. You actually took a bit off the nintendo logo when sanding the surface.

  18. Where can I get that screw driver and soldering tool?

  19. AYE! What happened to ma boi😤 where’s the ductor?!🤨 also I love your videos😁

  20. That epoxy/good leaf joy stick ball is gorgeous! Do the console now!

  21. Restore dat yellowed console pls!! Nice channel! Keep going

  22. I don't understand why people like these videos with all these wretched sounds in them weirdo but every weirdo had a weirdo

  23. You know we want to see that video can’t wait !!!

  24. Turn the console into a grilled cheese grill.

  25. Who's gonna tell him that this is not a Super Nintendo peripheral

  26. Sometimes he asked me where he got Tysytube his tools I think he takes her out of area 51, what a crazy person, right?

  27. TysyTube: "I make a new one"
    Me: "I understood that reference!" 🤣😂🤣😂

  28. I love this controller it was so many interesting features.These top 2 buttons do nothing and there’s is a battery compartment, I should really use this word more carefully

  29. Ok but why does it say super nintendo on the thumbnail

  30. Esos mandos eran casi indestructibles yo tenía uno de ellos 💪😎

  31. for everyone who asked 😊: Screwdriver SainSmart ES120 and Soldering iron SaintSmart TS80P ✌🏻

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