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X-MEN Arcade Game Arcade1Up REVIEW!

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Today we review the latest cabinet from Arcade1Up, the X-Men Arcade Game from Konami!

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  1. You're not wrong about the holding down player 1 not bringing you back to the main menu on this one, you actually have to press the Live button and it will give you the option to exit the game, weird.

  2. Sick review. I thoroughly enjoyed it till the very end. Fits perfectly in that room like you said.

  3. All right I like this arcade video it's good and plus The RK game itself excellent game picky for people who can't leave their houses for Cobra 19 and I hope you and all your lovely family members and you are having a wonderful day and night with all your friends thank you so much for showing this arcade game

  4. 9:00, In order to go to the main menu during game play, press the live button and it gives you the option to go the main menu without rebooting the arcade.

  5. This… is… AWESOME! I loved that X-Men game as a kid. I also chose Colossus back in the day. Thanks for another great review!

  6. That Avengers arcade game was the bomb back in the day, it also came out on SNES

  7. Nice, if I had to get one 1up arcade cabinet. This would be it.
    Magneto : “Welcome to DIE!”

  8. Welcome to die!

    This is a miss for me for two reasons. 1. I'm 6'10" tall, these are too small. 2. Not a 6 player cab

  9. one of the best x men games with x men children of the atom

  10. You just press the Live button to leave Galactic Storm and any of the other games. No need to hold the Player 1 button anymore.

  11. Damn I remember playing the xmen arcade at a pizza joint when I was a kid. Dope cabinet

  12. Ahhh the good ol’ days. Before my love for the MCU and the Avengers, came my love for the X-Men comics, cartoon, and this video game. ❤️

  13. I had this original arcade game the majority of my child hood. I was super bummed when my dad sold it. So many fun memories

  14. Tried joining you on Whatnot but it seems to only work in the U.S. It won’t accept my phone number & won’t let me look at live videos, because you need a phone number to view video.

  15. Oh this is the coolest looking game yet, I absolutely love the coin slots haha, and the lights, dope as hell.

  16. Gem oh gem is truly outrageous. Truly, truly, truly outrageous. Nice review! Sorry man, I'm an ass and when you introduced yourself as Gem, my thumbs couldn't help themselves. My life is spittin retro jingles nonstop.

  17. Only $700 😩 great price. But. Working dad and no working mom.. one day it'll happen

  18. i like how wolverine is the same height as the sentinels : )

  19. The Spiderman arcade beat em up would have been a much better 3rd game.

  20. X-Men Arcade Game was my jam back in the day, that and the Simpsons arcade game.

  21. Whenever I think about 1990's, I think about this game in the movie theaters that took my quarters.

  22. I so want get this. but my place is to small for it

  23. Great video man. You are killing it on content these days!

  24. So cool. Would like to have one just to listen to the music and see the cabinet. If only I had a basement.

  25. Hold coin 1 and 2 to exit out of Galactic Storm.

  26. Awesome X-Men Arcade1up Game!!!! I am an X-Men fan! Thanks Gem!!!

  27. Looks amazing! I love your analogy comparing the arcade to statues. Great point!

  28. To go back to the main menu screen after playing Avengers in Galactic Storm, you need to hold down player 1 and player 2.

  29. I gotta get one of these for my collection room.

  30. Though I was never a fan of the fighting coin-op games back in the day, that's a very cool setup. I would love to have the Star Wars Arcade Machine with all the SW vector games. Loved playing those back in the late '80s, especially in the cockpit cabinet. Very tempted to get the Atari Legacy Edition Arcade Machine just to have Tempest, one of my all-time favorites, Crystal Castles, and Missile Command. Would love to see a Williams Legacy Edition with Robotron 2049 (my No. 1 favorite), Sinistar, Joust, and Defender.

  31. Dope review. I hope arcade1up makes a marvel vs Capcom 2 cabinet

  32. Played X-Men at the arcade probably Children of the Atom many times back in the day before the consoles. Lost lots of quarters back then. Good times!✌🏾

  33. they should have added the Xmen games that were on the Xmen vs Street Fighter cab also to get the whole Xmen cab feel

  34. With these online AC1ups you push the 'Live' button to exit which brings up the menu. Much faster than holding down P1/P2 and waiting.

  35. OH man… I want this one so bad lol… I wish it was TMNT * AND * Xmen in the same cab… while i'm wishlisting – might as well throw Simpsons in on it haha

  36. Put so many quarters in that game back in the day. Nice review Gem.

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