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WWF WWE Wrestlefest Arcade Game – 3 Player Cabinet… Gameplay, Artwork Overview

Joe’s Classic Video Games
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We got in this awesome WWF Wrestlefest Arcade Game, and filmed a video for you good folks. This is the three player version, in a familiar cabinet….. We play all the way through the Royal Rumble side of the game!

Features Hulk Hogan, The Ultimate Warrior, The Big Bossman, Sgt. Slaughter, The Demolition, The Legion of Doom Hawk & Animal , The Million Dollar Man, Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig, The Earthquake John Tenta, Jake The Snake Roberts, and even Mean Gene Roberts!

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  1. RIP • Big Boss Man, Road Warriors Hawk & Animal, The Ultimate Warrior, Mr. Perfect, Crush.

  2. This is interesting in the uk as a kid we had moonwalker in the co-op! Final fight in the video shop! And I strangely saw Wrestlefest in Scotland! This was around 1990 haha

  3. One of the greatest arcade games of all time!

  4. My favorite arcade game. Road warrior/LOD Animal past away today. So sad😢

  5. What people forget to mention is the excellent AI of the game. After the first 2 matches, it's hard to predict how hard your opponents are going to be. So if you make to the end you feel you have well earned it. I like that the AI will tag out when necessary. I have chucked out every wrestler in the royal rumble once, that was a great day!

  6. I only play that game because of ultimate warrior nothing else but him

  7. I would love to find this for my theatre room. loved it as a kid

  8. Hey I've been trying to buy this arcade game do you sell the arcades or do you make the cabinets?? I love the video WrestleFest was one of the my favorites for sure🤗

  9. great game, recall seeing this at local pool hall, HOGAN BODY SLAM


  11. One of my absolute favorite arcade games of all time.

  12. Anyone know wat to press to throw them outa the ring??

  13. Beautiful machine but im more fond of Superstars . That was my favourite as a kid.

  14. Hulk Hogan's a WWE legend and a hall of famer.

  15. Hulk Hogans Eyes look like he been sniffing airplane glue on the attract screen

  16. The laser artwork makes this thing pop and you are right its soooo 90s lol

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