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Worst Video Game Athletes of All time

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Video Games of Old, where a 29 year-old man whines and complains about the worst video game athletes of all time. Mostly he just rags on Shawn Chambers from NHLPA 93.

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  1. AD 2021 and The Algorithm has decided this needs to be seen again.

  2. Recent example: Andy Carroll on FIFA '12. Rated a 82 but plays like a 62. Slow and useless for headers.

  3. Phrasing! "for children nobody cares about"

    Those children are people, too! I'm sure somebody cares about them.

  4. So just like the real life Andy Carroll?


  5. That rating is absurd!

    1 overall? Chambers was excellent on his defensive zone, a true warrior, he hit like a truck and was a decent 5-6th defenseman.

    Ken Baumgartner had an overall of just 2…

    The worst skater, the worst puck handler & the worst offensive player of the time (real life), Tony Twist, got a 5…

  6. In NHL 2003 for the PS2 the same thing was happening to I think Luc Robitaille of the Detroit Red Wings. In fact that whole game is a mess at least the PlayStation 2 version it's like any team you play you have to up your boost compared to the CPU because if you don't the whole computer team will skate faster then your team. It's really annoying and I've played with more then just the Red Wings if you don't increase your player boost you will have an uneven game.

  7. Shawn Chambers is a two-time Stanley cup champ

  8. I wasn’t laughing at all… this is just a guy talking about random stuff rather than explain anything. What’s with this story of theirs? Why does this have to do with the game? UGH!

    I’m all for trash talking but don’t be stupid about it.

  9. potentially one of the worst videos i have ever seen lol…. what was that ending who was like yea thats funny lets add this? good work… was this video sponsored by virgin mobile?

  10. Steve Grogan, Tecmo Super Bowl. This is a fact.

  11. I always thought Tony Twist and Sacco (first name escapes me) were the lowest rated. Could’ve sworn we went through 93, as it was the definitely best of the Sega era NHLs (yes that includes ‘94).

    It was so good, it had PA added to the name!!

    Anyway, we named our Fantasy Hockey league after those two jamokes. They were rated something in the 20s, so I guess this guy is just plainly worse.

    How sad . . But hey, the Hawks ruled in that year. Hasik was the backup to The Eagle in that year’s squad.

  12. Shawn Chambers once finished in the top 20 for the James Norris Trophy.

  13. Bo Jackson broke the game worst video game character ever

  14. So what was EA's beef with Shawn why did they hate him

  15. Best intro ever mate lol leats your cognitive of your own ironic job

  16. I made a team of the worst players either with 93 or 94 (the first version you could do trades) with no one rated above 25 while my friend's 11 year old brother was the Penguins. I won the game in OT and made him cry.

  17. I’m only 7 years late to this video…

  18. Shawn Riggans from MLB Power Pros 2008 was godawful.

  19. Stojko Vranković. I actually loved him as the backup center for the Celtics in "Bulls vs Blazers and the 1992 NBA playoffs" for Sega Genisis. In that game, even the worst were serviceable if you knew how to use them and in that era his 7'2"ness went a long way to make up for his shortcomings. In a later game, I think it was Kobe Bryant and the NBA courtside for n64 or NBA2k, he played for the Clippers and I would trade to get him back to the Celtics to run with Walker/Pierce/Anderson since Potapanko was pretty bad as centers of that era go. Well, in that game how bad Stojko was truly. . . uhh. . . shined? After enough time of playing when I eventually figured out how to dominate the AI like one tends to, eventually to keep from getting bored I would challenge myself by keeping him over 20 pts a game playing post. Find a copy and try that on the hardest setting, I dare you 🙂

  20. Dan McGwire the QB for the Seattle Seahawks in super tecmo bowl on the genesis is the most bafflingly terrible player in any game

  21. if you can’t tell, i’ve watched every episode of pretty good, chart party, and dorktown twice so now i’m trying to soak up any jon bois content

  22. Neil Sheehy cause I used Calgary a lot, and I tried to score with every player

  23. Great video Jon.

    More Card Show. Please.

  24. Did ipads really have a thick border like that at some point???

  25. Jokes aside, Shawn "The Great 1" Chambers had a truly remarkable career:

    – Grew up 5 doors away from Kevin and Derian Hatcher, was selected in the rare NHL Supplemental Draft, and became the first player from an Alaskan university to play in the NHL.

    – Had reconstructive shoulder surgery after his rookie season, knee surgery after his 2nd, immediately re-injured it and had 2 more knee surgeries during his 3rd season but returned for the playoff run, then had another minor operation after the conference finals…

    … and less than a week after that 3rd knee surgery in 8 months, Mario put the puck between Chambers' skates 1-on-2 for THAT goal in game 2 of the 1991 Stanley Cup Finals.

    – In the offseason he got married then got traded 3 weeks later, then couldn't play that season and needed another knee surgery.

    – Was left unprotected and selected by Phil Esposito in the expansion draft, then had ANOTHER knee surgery before restarting his career in Tampa.

    – (This is when EA Sports rated him a 1)

    – Was traded to the Devils mid-season in '95 and put up 9 points in 20 playoff games, including 2 goals in the Cup-clinching game.

    – Became the first (and eventually only) player selected in the NHL Supplemental Draft to ever win a Stanley Cup.

    – Won another Cup with the Stars in 1999, and was on the ice for Brett Hull's "goal." Mike Modano was the only other player who had also been on the '91 North Stars run to the finals, and captain Derian Hatcher was the only other player who had grown up on the same block.

    – Injured his knee again 4 games into the following season, had one final surgery, and rode the gurney off into the sunset.

    – Not bad for a 1 overall.

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