World's Biggest Private Arcade Game Collection! Part 1 -

World’s Biggest Private Arcade Game Collection! Part 1

Free Play Arcade
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Today at Free Play, Corey walks us through their MASSIVE, record-setting arcade game collection! This collections spans at least FIVE completely warehouses and contains vintage arcade game cabinets, PCB’s, parts, and much, much more. This series, which will cover all five warehouses, gives an inside look in to one of the most impressive arcade game collections in the entire world.

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  1. everytime i skip forward something is wrong with the machine.This is basically a pile of junk

  2. The Golden Axe looks pristine is it original or restored?

  3. Man… I doubt it but I wonder if you’ll still answer this comment and let me know if you still have the tekken 3 or tekken 4 cabinets. I would be interested in buying one and maybe both in the future

  4. Awesome interesante coleccion muchos de estos games no vinieron a peru……gran coleccion

  5. Do you have a Jack the giant killer? I always loved that game even though it stinks. Lol.

  6. It's the worlds biggest private arcade collection of broken machines that are part of a business and not a private collection

  7. Just the effort these guys put into preserving classic and loved games is heartwarming. I hope you guys do well and find the resources and motivation to keep going.

  8. I remember the old tekken tag 2 Huge screen cabinet or it mite just be the four playey cabinet lol

  9. Hey Corey just had a question, how much would you sell the race driving/hard driving game for?

  10. Repurposing pizza boxes to store arcade boards instead of stacking them on top each other? That's a great idea! Thanks for sharing the inner sanctum with us my friend. Keep on gaming! 👍 👍

  11. I love what your doing. i'll come visit you from ireland

  12. You should check out ThEwAvEsHaPa , he is uploading a play through of every mega drive game!

  13. I thought you could choose between manual and automatic on Race Driving?

  14. I've been looking for a Super Punch-out. If you are selling, please let me know.

  15. 1:31 Is that you in the painting? I think it looks cool…like Sir Toppington Hat in hunting gear.
    Also that looks like a great place to work!

  16. I hated when the game was in a generic cabinet with a green template on top in the controls the templates around them was just generic I don't know why that bothered me

  17. Looks like maybe it’s time to spend less on new cabinets and more on techs?

  18. Race rdrving is the best arcade game EVER!! it was the sequel to hard drivin faster car extra tracks and original track, both games had automatic option though so you don't have to ride stick! The on screen commands help if your not sing clutch though for stick its easy to! Alls you need is one setup with 5 screens and linked for 2 player!

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