World's BEST Arcade Machine! -

World’s BEST Arcade Machine!

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  1. I'm in BC. Are you close ? I'd like to get one of these, is there anyway for instructions to accompany the games? And are there risers available so that I could play it standing?

  2. I would love to buy one if i know where its sold. Does it come with all these games?

  3. Whats this model called and where can you get it? Thanks in advance

  4. I've had Hyperspin on a custom PC that hooks up to my T.V. for about 8 year's now. I'd like the arcade stand up feel with joysticks.. Did you get this from Xtreme or who in the UK? I'm in the US btw man…

  5. Is this available now in the USA? I know this video was made 4 years ago. How’s the system still functioning?

  6. 6:34 NO ONE has heard of the GX4000 – 6th worst selling console of all time (although it still managed to outsell the Apple Pippin)

  7. How much was this mini arcade cabinet just wondering

  8. I have two questions.. do I need to have internet service to play this machine and my second question is how much is that machine in American dollars

  9. Yo does the system have: run n gun 1 and 2, it's a arcade basketball game and Metroid prime for gamecube?

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