Working On The Incredible Face Mechanism Of A Williams Bride Of Pinbot Pinball Machine 2 -

Working On The Incredible Face Mechanism Of A Williams Bride Of Pinbot Pinball Machine 2

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  1. Love it. You’re doing gods work man. We gotta keep these treasures running and preserved!

  2. Nice repair work on the face unit. One question, is the motor really that noisy or is it just the recording?

  3. New one to me. I think the EMs look easier to work on, are they?

  4. Great video, Ronnie Glad you figured out that switch problem. Love the Bride great playing game a lot of fun. Can not wait for the next video Thanks for filming. Always amazed how you can film and work at the same time.

  5. Something is off about the face lighting the 4th one was light up at the same time as the 1st one is that normal?

  6. This is realy a blast from past, all hours i played this pin-ball machine when i was a kid (around 8-12years old) . Till it got swaped out for Tales from the Crypt. Pure nostalgia🤩

  7. motor/gearbox sounds pretty rough. I had a couple of these on my route and they were not as noisy.

  8. Nice work, it’s amazing how they function…

  9. Awesome and creepy. Always loved the music and sounds coming from pinball machines. Shame they take so much space and are ridiculusly expensive

  10. Wondefull machine i play it verry often .
    Open het eyes , open her mouth let her see you and let her sing , good music to

  11. SEGA SUPER GT was literally my favorite game at "Alladin's Castle" way back in the '90s. i would put in 50c and win the races allowing you to keep playing, getting like 30 min of play out of 50c
    until some mo ron employee decided it should be 50c a race whether you win or lose. well they lost (a ton of money) because i never went back after that.

  12. I played a lot of this pinball machine and it was the best of that era!

  13. This was my favorite pinball machine. When I was looking to buy one, I looked everywhere for it, could not find it. I fell in love with it when I moved to TN, was in a hotel for 2 weeks and played this daily at the truck stop next door to hotel. Have never seen another one since then.

  14. I will never understand this extremely niche and unpopular corner of the world

  15. When people say "if you haven't seen the first video go watch that first" but don't even bother putting the link in the description or a pinned comment or anything at all is just disappointing

  16. Man they had this at the bowling alley when I was in Junior High. I put so many quarters in that machine!

  17. I bought one of these machines many years ago, and got it out of storage earlier this year where it had been mothballed for a couple of years. It greeted me by exploding a tantalum capacitor on the sound board and shooting shards of resin across the garage! Between that and a dying display (luckily nothing more serious than a dead transistor), I had a few days of fun getting it running again. Luckily, the rotating head mechanism was still working perfectly – I really don’t fancy trying to fix that!

  18. Big big DMD 90s to early 2000s tables fan as my wife worked at a “golf&stuff” in SoCal that used to house a pseudo castle full of all the classic tables from Williams Stern you name it it was probably their at one time. I like this one of the 80s, better than funhouse, which is my other favorite table outside Elvira’s older table based on the same setup.

    We worked near each other and on lunch or when I was off I’d go play on the pinball tables for free a lot.

  19. Nice repair, man. Also, you picking up the balls and putting them where you wanted was very satisfying to watch. I'm sure most pinball players sometimes wish they could do that. 🙂

  20. That's an ambitious concept for a pinball machine. Turning a robot into a woman. But the realization of the idea is amazing. What a cool pin. That was a familiar theme back in the 80's movies. Things turning into woman!

  21. The original PinBot blew my mind as a kid. After dumping many quaters into it I was able to lock the two balls for its eyes, and they lit up and the machine said 'BEHOLD! I CAN SEE!'…. Still gives me goosebumps 🙂

  22. The switch looks like it's screws if you loosen it up and just push it forward and then retighten miss it that's what would work

  23. Yeah so I'm that had to part it just looks like the switch as move forward into the head a little bit there's two screws tighten loosen them then pushing for the switch and then tighten the screws

  24. Not just that piece of plastic the round circle thing

  25. What an awesome game, never seen it before.

  26. Just love that FM-synthesis sound…. my childhood!

  27. To repair the plastic nub, try the super glue and baking soda trick.

  28. Sometimes when the servo motor has low gear ratio you can force it to move by hand, but you have to be really careful doing it._

  29. It's like a quintison. The dude that made it was either a transformers fan or really sexually frustrated.

  30. when i was a kid i played the hell out of this at the arcade

  31. My favorite pinball. Owned this one for years and sold it 2018

  32. This is great. I have this machine; in the process of replacing all the bulbs/flashers, and didnt know how to get to the face bulbs (and now I know you have to take off the cover and face plate! Thanks!

  33. Is there normally supposed to be two of these machines connected together.

  34. this sort of thing seems like it was built by smarter humans

  35. Pretty cool. As a pinball / jukebox mechanic for many years (retired), it is always nice to see these machines being restored. Still do a few pins from time to time (Have a Williams Whitewater out there now), but mainly Jukeboxes amps now.

  36. Youtubers:"ladies and gentlemen"
    Me, a non beney:"NOULP-UH"

  37. Those microswitches are like Legos. Should be really easy to find and not expensive at all. They are in all kinds of gizmos from industrial machines to hot rod parts.
    I would love this kind of work. Thanks for sharing the job. (Only halfway through the video, so if you mention later that you found it my apologies.)

  38. Had this at my bowling alley when I was a kid. I played the crap out of this game… I miss it. Great Job on the face repair.

  39. In my hometown sennelager in Germany there's a Imbis with that pinball Maschine it's fun while you're waiting for your food

  40. One of my favourite pins. Love the sound and music.
    Bride: "I can speak"
    Pinbot: "oh NO!"
    Bride: "ha ha ha"

    Classic 🙂

  41. very cool, looks like a fun machine to play and i know it's in the right hands.

  42. On DC, it is usually the safest bet to assume the black wire is ground. 75% of the time, you are right every time.

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