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Wonder Woman Game – FIRST Gameplay Details and Open World CONFIRMED!

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Wonder Woman Game – FIRST Gameplay Details and Open World CONFIRMED! Since its reveal at The Game Awards, we’ve gotten the initial gameplay and story details for the Wonder Woman Game!

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She will fight to unite the warriors of two worlds. You are Wonder Woman.

In development by Monolith Productions, creators of the critically acclaimed Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor™ and sequel Middle-earth: Shadow of War™, this open-world action-adventure game will feature the beloved DC Super Hero, Wonder Woman.

The single player open-world action game will introduce an original story set in the DC Universe and allow players to become Diana of Themyscira in the fight to unite her Amazon family and the humans from the modern world.

Powered by the Nemesis System, gamers will forge deep connections with both enemies and allies as they progress from a heroic fighter into a proven leader.

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  1. Monolith has done great with Middle Earth series. I can not wait for their new IP.

  2. Remember hulk ultimate destruction? Imagine that game but with doomsday, killing the justice league

  3. All I want for Christmas is some gameplay. Just a few minutes of footage to show us the biz.

  4. Now let's hope they keep microtransactions out of it

  5. Can any one know how to free roam in marvel Avengers?

  6. Glad to see another of DC's Trinity finally getting a game. Only one left now

  7. Hey caboose could you do a video of star wars eclipse trailer

  8. this guy speaks like the most sterotypical youtuber ever haha

  9. After Guardians I don't think liner is a bad thing

  10. Wonder Woman + Nemesis System = Lets Goooooo!

  11. Sad probably won't release til late 2023 or mid 2024 I bet.wish they would of shown some footage

  12. Fun fact the nemesis system is patented by monolith until 2035

  13. I’m still wondering what the story is about like how would the story end, would the game have any side missions and are we going to play as Wonder Woman

  14. Hope we can explore lands of different gods umm i think this expectation level is too much leave it on god of war

  15. Wonder women is a beast she can take on Superman if she tried she’s a 5000 year old op Demi god Amazon

  16. I hope it’s influenced by god of war in some ways (the greek saga as well as the new one) both in story and in gameplay

  17. I am a 46 year old man and have been a Wonder Woman fan since I was four or five years old. She is my favorite superhero and it is damn time she is getting the respect and recognition she deserves! I have lived this whole time seeing WW treated like a side character “cowgirl” character in the old Super Friends cartoon. She has been ignored for decades in terms of movies and games, and finally we have her movies and a game! I am beyond excited!!!

  18. I'm excited for Wonder woman game come out I'm excited for this game to come out I'm so excited I'm pumped up man I love her so much so I'm pumped up I'm pumped up for Wonder woman so bring it on

  19. I really hope this game will also release on XBOX ONE

  20. If they can make a decent wonder woman game they could definitely give us a decent superman game in the future.

  21. I can’t wait 4 this – I hope it’s done right!

  22. still waiting for an epic open world superman game ….

  23. We must to say, thank you Gal Gadot! I think without her movie, this game would not be possible.

  24. I was hoping for a middle earth sequel 😩 Anyways I hope we can change genders, I prefer using a male in games 😩

  25. exciting , but honestly Middle Earth would have been much better 🙁

  26. it would be cool if he can make new dc games with the character stories

  27. Super excited for the game to come out!!!!😁😁😁

  28. Having a similar power set to Superman this new game gives me hope that a Superman Game may come sooner than we think.

  29. XBOX series X exclusive please (get back for WOLVERINE)

  30. They gotta make a next gen superman game😭

  31. I hope we will see some God of War easter egg 😉
    That Diana will see some Kratos statue with description of him destroying whole greek civilisation 😉

  32. I honestly would much rather prefer a Catwoman game but this is ok too! I wonder if Marvel will do the same? Make a female led game? Of course they will go with Captain Marvel which is fine but I would love to see a Storm solo game

  33. I'm hyped let's go congrats DC u crawled out of batman's crack for once

  34. If this Ganesh goes well maybe a Superman game can be made next. They have the technology. Possibility’s are endless.

  35. its okey, Assassins Creed Wonder Woman style . 🙂

  36. This is higly unlikely but I am really looking forward to seeing Circe, Cheetah, Giganta, Wonder Girl (Donna Troy) or Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark)!!!! If any of those women make it in, I'm gonna ask WB to allow me to bless them with a BJ😍….Bro omg I'm so hyped!!!! I really can't wait for this!!! I'm so exited.

  37. Who else is crazy excited for this Wonder Woman game?!

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