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Wildest Arcade You’ve Never Played – Lucky & Wild – Cinemassacre Review

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Sure, the new Mortal Kombat movie just came out today but I need some time to properly review it. So, Justin and I decided to put up a review today that he wanted to do for years. It’s on the 1993 (prototyped in 1992) arcade game “Lucky & Wild” by Namco. L&W is a first-person racing/shooter that fits right in the buddy cop genre like Tango & Cash and Starsky and Hutch. However, it’s super cartoony and over the top. Players choose to be one of two different characters: Lucky, who is always dressed in fashionable suits and does both driving and shooting; and Wild, who is a wild and crazy guy who only shoots. The object of the game is to help the two heroes capture five wanted suspects in five rounds of high-speed chases.

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  1. Was lucky to have it in an arcade in my city. Only played it a handful of times, because I was too busy playing The Simpsons Arcade Game. But from what I can remember, it was really fun.

  2. I did play this as a kid ❤️
    Have never seen it after that

  3. Ridge Racer was the most ever namco game I ever played wheather it was on the arcade or PS1


  5. This is one arcade game I wish I owned personally 😢

  6. I like this game. Me n my cousin played this constantly at an arcade we went to.

  7. Cant stand that manchild blob Justin Silverman

  8. Well here come a flud of forgotten memories of playing this game.

  9. I faintly remember playing this with my dad in a Peter Piper Pizza in the early 2000s

  10. What do don't see is James pouring the wine down the drain.

  11. Cars made for the Japanese market are right hand drive, so the art work makes sense based on it's origin this cabinet was properly might have had regional types😊

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