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Why Arcades Are Still Thriving In Japan – Cheddar Explains

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American arcades are largely dead, killed by negative public sentiment and advancements in personal gaming. But arcades in Japan were able to survive and today are thriving. Even amidst a global pandemic. Cheddar Explains how Japanese arcades evolved to stay relevant.

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  1. I was a regular to "Round 1" which is a Japanese Arcade from Japan except it became international and it is in about 10 states. I love Japanese arcades, it gave me happiness in my life when there wasn't any. I'm currently learning Japanese, I was a Huge weeb but I LOVE THE ARCADE WAY MORE THAN ANYTHING.

  2. Pachinko parlours are not the same thing as video game arcades…

    That's like saying Las Vegas slot machines are video game arcade machines…

    You guys fail at being weebs…

  3. 0:15
    So, revenue plumered from 12 million dollars, to a 100 million dollars?

  4. Here in America, more and more of what are known as "bar-cades" are cropping up; basically, you buy drinks and play a whole bunch of games, kinda like a Dave & Busters. But there more geared towards twenty-somethings.

  5. Those eyebrows should be a criminal offence

  6. But just japan, search YouTube
    "Arcade Taipei" or "arcade Shanghai" or "arcade bangkok"

    Looks like every Asian city have big arcade culture.

  7. I wish that we could have arcades at universities, that would've been awesome.
    I would definitely hang out there and play against people during my breaks.

  8. The Time Crisis series is the best arcade game for me 😁

  9. Because Japanese arcade machines are Hella fun and innovative

  10. Arcade memberships look best for the west. We don't carry coins like Japan in the US.

  11. My local arcades seemed to for some reason simultaneously increase all their prices and stop bringing in new games. That's when I started to lose interest.

  12. It's a real shame Atari couldn't keep it together.

  13. Inequality stops arcades from working in the US. Rich kids don't want to play with poor kids. Especially the parents don't want to.

  14. America: “At Least Will Still Have Chuck E. Cheese’s :)”
    Coronavirus: “Not anymore! >:D”
    America: “:(“

  15. Dragon's quest and similar overpriced short play games that started taking over arcades killed even ones on prime locations. Consoles and PCs were new in the 80s but when you could spend 20 in an hour for little entertainment why waste time in arcades with declining quality other than $1 a pop short burst gameplay cabinets taking over the long play older .25 units.
    Greed killed it as much as anything in the US. It was sold as a low overhead cost startup with just the initial investment and maybe 2 employees for the entire day (who were usually overworked or hiding in a closet) so they got seedy really fast and it was the owners fault.

  16. “Thriving” isn’t how I would describe it. Warehouse Kawasaki closed in October 2019, before the pandemic.

  17. What a minute. Only 13,000 arcade machines across America at its height? Namco sold over 400,000 Pac-Man machines in 1982, alone. Methinks you need to recheck your facts, fast! There are far, far more than 13,000 incorporated cities in America in 1982. I'm pretty sure every city had a least a dozen Pac-Mans chasing ghosts. Never mind all the other arcade titles that were popular for the day.

  18. If I want to go to an arcade in America you have to get in a car and ride there. In Japan you can just walk to an arcade. Popularion density and zoning laws play a big role in my opinion. In America everything is far away from residential areas because of zoning laws so you need a car to go get groceries and stuff.

  19. The fighting game community always take care of our own 👊

  20. Just give us a proper pre configured V.R arcade experience, have people sign up to it as a form of revenue and model it on the pre existing and famous game centres.

  21. It's the pachinko. They are all there to get you addicted to pachinko so they can afford to lose money on just arcades, so they are like the gateway drug to get you into the hard core stuff.

  22. You can see the lights from Pachinko parlors from space.

  23. As if I didn't have enough reason to visit Japan.

  24. How I envy the Japanese since they still have arcades.

    The closest experience to a Japanese arcade I had was a visit to the Galloping Ghost in Brookfield, IL.

  25. Ok what is up with those eyebrows bro? Seriously next level! lol

  26. Interesting topic, well executed video! I have a video on my channel on the same subject, thanks for the inspiration!

  27. Arcades are still here…there just legal casinos for minors

  28. I use to love going to the arcades, I use to love playing Street Fighter II, Champion Edition, Rianbow and Hiper Fight, Puzzle Bobble, Michael Jackson's Moonwalker, Marvel vs Capcom I and II, The King of Fighters 95 and 98, Tekken 2 and 3, Mortal Kombat I, II and III, Daytona, Raiden II, Run and Gun II and SoulCalibur, I was sad when the arcades were closed down, in Melbourne Australia the arcade industry was mainly killed by violence and the heroin trade, in the city and in many surrounding suburbs we had many arcade parlours, but one by one they were forced to close down because of their seedy nature, when the last arcade was closed down in the city, the heroin trade in that area came to a halt, but it was not shutdown, it just moved on to the suburbs, around the same time mobile phones were becoming affordable, selling heroin on the streets moved to the suburbs and selling over mobile phones, the customers would now have to come to the dealers, unlike before when drug users would have to source their heroin from arcade parlours, now drugs are sold over mobile phones and through the internet, not even the Coronavirus and the closing of borders has had any effect on it, when borders close the only difference it makes is that the price goes up but it doesn't stop them getting in, I hope one day technology becomes advanced enough to stop the drug trade completely except for cannabis, hard drugs bring nothing but death, ruin and violence all over the world, I'm glad I live in Australia where hard drugs and violence are not so prevalent, it's the lucky country.

  29. Not only that but it was getting expensive, American Arcade Owners were getting really greedy making it cost 2-4 dollars just to play 1 game for their new arcade machines.
    While in Japan it only cost 10 cents for one playthrough….

  30. Glad I have my own arcade in my house because a good arcade is hard to find any more in the area I live in

  31. ゲームセンター富士見台ワイワイ says:

    We opened an old school video game arcade in Tokyo in 2021. Please come and visit us.

  32. I went to a Japanese arcade in the U.S. and the games it had were amazing, even though the menus were hard to navigate since they were all in Japanese, tons of variety too. A lot of American arcades are all just 100 machines to play pinball with maybe a few other games that are hardly working and they're all dirty… no one is gonna spend tons of money to play pinball.

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