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What’s inside an Arcade Machine?

What’s Inside?
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Let us know in the comments if you got to level 100 before Lincoln! Every 50 levels after 100 there are new magical character quests where you can win exciting and exclusive prizes like gold.

This Pac-man, Ms. Pac-man game was so much fun! They aren’t as hard to find as you might think. Vintage Arcade Machines are everywhere for sale, people just don’t think about it as much these days.

Check out the song we used, Pac-man remix here:

The winner for Pacman glass has been chosen and given out to Xavier from the UK. Thanks!

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Filmed in 4k on this camera:

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  1. dumbest video ever watched. would have been better if the monitor zapped them.

  2. This is the most depressing video i have ever watched:(

  3. 7m subs..and the guy is an absolute tool. Destroying a piece of history ..that you can just open from the back …

  4. Wow, that cabinet is over 40 years old and in real good condition… and you just destroyed it in a heartbeat! So sad.

  5. How dare you destroy a perfectly good Pac-Man. Shame on you

  6. I guess that was an old Pac-Man machine that was updated to msPac-Man

  7. When they’ve been making that it’s been made so the highest score was at zero sense sorry been made since it was it on yet and you could see the high score because it was made already but at the past it was zero when I just came out

  8. obviously organs and a big human heart gently beeping smh :rolling_eyes:

  9. 4:36 this is the transformer that step up or step down the electricity

  10. Why the hell would you destroy this! It isn't glued together!

  11. Nooooooooooooooo not the pack man

  12. This guy is a real jerk … how awful …

  13. dvfhdfioitytrwrįrįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįįį

  14. This made me sad because they don't have these arcade cabinets in arcades anymore, it's more of like a dancing arcade machine, a pinball machine, a skeeball machine, and a air hockey table, and that's it! There is no Super Mario Bros, Pong (Who plays Pong anyway), Space Invaders, or Pac Man!

  15. 3:56
    Haters be like: "That's what you get for destroying a piece of history!"

  16. What a wast.. I've wanted an Arcade game of my own for years.. And you just destroy something as nice as this… sigh…..

  17. dislike for destroy history what you teaching you kid even my boy said why he is destroyring it he shoudl give it to somebody 🙁

  18. those tvs save energy it could shock you if you touch it maaaaan …. i wouldnt say anything else i guess am just mad cus you destroyed it

  19. Hello, could you sell me the mother board of the arcade machine?

  20. Congratulations on achieving a high score at being an asshat.

  21. It hurts me to watch something so valuable get destroyed.

  22. Hey dad remember that time we destroyed a piece of history. Yeah son you and me, U S A 🤟

  23. destructive idlot breaks a pac-man arcade machine just because he's ignorant….

  24. why is it ms pac man and the side says pac man?

  25. Sweet video. Some classics truly will never get old!

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