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What Makes A Good Video Game

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Kotaku editor Stephen Totilo on what makes a good game.

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  1. its all about the online play! i love darksouls, and phantasy star probably because of how the online system is!

  2. I like the Elder Scroll games, mostly because of the epic storylines and interesting sidequests, and the fact that I could sit for 12 hours straight in front of Oblivion and never get bored.

  3. I love zelda, pokemon, fire emblem, and smash bros. best games EVAR!!!

  4. Pokemon was my alltime favorite game. But as I got older it became time consuming and I stopped. I enjoy now the games that involve a really good storyline like mystery games. They are just so expensive for android that I just get really frustrated!

  5. Journey for the ps3

    best indie game of all time

  6. brink was a good game. Sadly, it died thanks to so little people playing it and didnt come up fast enough with dlc

  7. Fallout 3, will always be my favorite game of all-time.

    The reasons are simple, for one, I have an obsession with future apocalyptic cities, In real life I enjoy singing 40's and 50's jazz, swing, and blues, and because of the post world war II motifs in the game. Many of the choices don't radically alter the game, however some do have deep meaning and affect your personal image for your character. I enjoy the des feel of the large world as well, and finally the game makes me feel patriotic.

  8. mlbtheshowoff used to play skyrim but then he took an arrow to the knee.

  9. darksiders 2 and battlefield bad company 1 & 2, darksiders because you're DEATH literaly and bad company well……….. go meet private George Haggard jnr. nuff said!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Games that make you think about your decisions.

    Like a lot of indie games out there, and good ol' fashioned rpgs like baldur's gate

    They are some of my favorite genres

  11. Why dies she keep sayin "I'm shorreeyy" instead of im sorry..is she trying to be cute? …fail

  12. Best game ever… Legend of Dragoon… theres everything that makes a great game… controlled combat… epic story line… hidden an added chr… cutscene where u get a feel for you chr an everything…

  13. i dunno if choices is what matters, look at how swtor fell flat on its face. honestly i think a game like (in comes bashing) world of warcraft has got it down right. its all about making the game fun after you "beat it" to make you wanna keep playing. basically re play ability i guess to make you wanna keep playing it again and again and again.

    or another one League of Legends such a simple game and not many maps but SOOOO fun to play over and over and over

  14. It's amazing how many people don't know how to play chess

  15. why the fuck is there a women doing a video game video… is this a joke

  16. thats why call of duty and minecraft are the only games thirteen year olds play. i had figured this out already! its about customization.

  17. DARK SOULS the ultimate RPG unless you rage quit often then go back to skyrim -easymode

  18. I wouldn't really consider weather or not to jump on a gomba a interesting choice

  19. With what was said in the video, Skyrim and Fallout are the ULTIMATE video games.

  20. Skyrim, Metroid prime, Assassin's Creed, Minecraft, and Metal Gear are the best games of ALL time.

  21. if your going to base your judgement of best game by the standards in this video then pretty much every open world rpg from Borderlands to wing commander and everything in between would be considered the best game. a good game is more then just player choices. it's a formula and one that when done right will hook a player in and keep them there the whole time.

    for each player that formula is different some like open world story driven choice heavy rpg games. others like fast paced FPS games and still others like simple yet addicting games. not all gamers are alike and as a gamer i am a bit insulted when i am told that my taste in games is the exact same as anyone else.

  22. Phenix wright games do have LOTS of choices

  23. Mine craft all the way U DO WHAT U WANT IN THE GAME

  24. Bad Rats is a great game. My favorite of all time!

  25. DON'T INTRODUCE CHOICES TO COD FANS!!!!!! it will only confuse them

  26. I love halo, sonic, skyrim and the sims. The first three for story and last two for gameplay. I prefer story and graphics over gameplay. Gameplay, graphics, story, relatable characters, music, etc, that's all important to me. But of the game play is confusing or if it lacks story, I don't play…

  27. i could care less about graphics that is the bottom of what's important to a game

  28. My favorite games ever.

    Pokemon Stadium

    New super Mario bros U

    Pokemon Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire

    Bomberman hero 64

    Donkey kong 64

    GTA 4

    Sonic and Knuckles 1

    Sonic the hedgehog 2

    Mario kart ds

    Pokemon X and Y

  29. take the legend of zelda for 64 (i saw this at majoras mask) the creators make you believe you have free will during the game by putting some mini games , secrets around the world and some interesting side quests that you will finish them just by playing the story they trick you to think you have free will.
    for example Termina… you have 4 temples to go where you want but you need to go to the swamp temple to get a bow to get to the mountain temple but when you got the bow something blocks your way out until you beat the swamp temple boss.
    another thing would be the interesting characters and their stories and reactions… they all have a personality and it makes you want to know more about their past
    for example what happened with romani when you first ecounter her.

  30. Pokemon, more Pokemon, even more Pokemon, loads more Pokemon. All the POKEMON!!!

  31. did this bitch just say that ace attorney has no choices? is she fucking stupid?

  32. Final fantasy, because I like RPGS, very challenging boss fights, and job/class systems aka character levelling and strengthening. The main reason I like RPG's is because I get atached to the characters as they usually grow and get more skills, and better weapon's. Same reason I love MMO's. One of my favourite games ever was final fantasy tactics advanced. I must have replayed that game like 6-7 times to try out different teams, and acquire all the weapons, etc. PS when I say final fantasy im referring more to the gameboy advanced, playstation 2, and such… Not the super flashy linear ones.

  33. they don't have enough evidence to prove their theories

  34. Good Game Example with choices: Resident Evil 7: Bio hazard
    Anyone agree?

  35. Sourcefed: says ACE attorney is no choice.

    ACE attorney fans: OBJECTION

  36. So if I’m making a game like doom, how do I add choices. I can add story, characters and lore.

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