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What Happens If You Kick The Arcade Machines In GTA 5 Online? (SECRET Outcome)

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What Happens If You Kick The Arcade Machines In GTA 5 Online? (SECRET Outcome)
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In today’s Grand Theft Auto 5 video – I’ll be showing you a SECRET outcome if your player kicks the arcade games in GTA 5 Online!

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Hope you enjoyed this video! See you guys in the next one! ✌🏻


  1. Nothing will happen absolutely nothing

    If you where that’s you a og 🤫

  2. Lol hes playing the love doctor game with a guy 😂

  3. What happens if I walk in gta 5 online (secret outcome) ($2000000 per step glitch)

  4. Bruh and he really made this a shitty 10 minute video

  5. Why your Videos have such a high amount of dislikes??

  6. You really do this crap content for money do you even care about your fans

  7. Dude this is a video of what happens when you kick it not that you keep dying

  8. I got two of the plushies and on my first try because I lined it up you dingus

  9. Long timer watcher first time typer what do you think about the chances of rockstar adding NEW Arcade cabnets ? Could Space rangers be a maybe or maybe a street fighter style game you shud do a video on ths love the show though dude keep on trucking suun ! ; )

  10. I seen this one girl that comes in at my work she wins ever time on the claw machine. To win the plushies you have to grab a plastic ball spends about $10 $2 a try and she gets it. $8 of it is moving the ball in the right place at rare times she get 2 prizes at once

  11. Did you really just make a 10 minute video on what happens if you kick and arcade machine

  12. New Video: What happens when you shoot the firework launcher in GTA Online (Secret Outcome)

  13. I won 3 them slushies thay put them in randem places in arcade office

  14. U get the shirts anyway for buyin. The games

  15. This guy must have serious skill to make every video 10 min i dont know how he does it

  16. He said wobbling and wiggling…da fuq ?

  17. I spent 8 to 9 hours trying to get all of them

  18. You cant guys now just exit off and lets watch minecraft gameplay

  19. Roses are red violets are blue i just got clickbaited and so did u

  20. I like how everyone is hating but i'm sure none of them knew about kicking the machines

  21. There could be a easteregg I don't know if you found on the madam what ever here name is in your office to open up to the pathway there is a Sticker on the machine "FR33 L3ST3R" I think that is a reference to Kevin Mitnick who got arrested for hacking and the Free Kevin Movement back in the 90s

  22. What happens when you steal other players casino heist setup

  23. I've kicked them and played them and it's not given me the t shirt

  24. So it takes you 10min to explain what happens when you kick a video game? …you're the Doogie Howser of GTA.

  25. What happens if you play the arcade games to much secret outcome spooky

  26. You really need to know what happens or you have bad luck for 10 years note this actually doesn't happen

  27. **Like to help others: what's needed to unlock it! So point is all you have to do is kick one and get a high score. Not all three needed.

    How I know: ok so my first character I did all three and at the third one I didn't get the notification. Hmm odd but checked and I had the shirt unlocked. I must of not paid attention cause Now my second character I did it once and placed on the scoreboard and got the notification. "Monkeys paradise used"

  28. What happens if you destroy the new otlaw veichle in GTA

  29. What happens if u commit mass genocide in real life at 3 am😮😮😮

  30. I thought it was gonna be some secret money or some thing smh 🤦🏽‍♂️

  31. Only this guy would make a video about this 🙄

  32. What Happens If You Kick The Arcade Machine*

  33. Glade you’re ok I needed your help😂😂😂💯💯💯

  34. hey your gamertag changed…( lenny Linguine) it's not your normal gt

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