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We’re TRAPPED in a Roblox Video Game!

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KREW goes to the Roblox Arcade! But something doesn’t go as plan…
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  1. I’m happy for rainbow she did really good at the obby

  2. Guys! Don’t be blind and keep worshiping or idolizing other people! Go to God and Jesus Christ for he is coming! Repent your sins! God bless 🙏🏼

  3. Krew already knows it a game but I’m just here like omg it’s heaven

  4. Not golds display name being Draco lol 🙂🖐️

  5. So we're not going to talk about the fact funneh said the word dang but the grown up way

  6. charlie should of just said that they were at the arcade earlier and fell asleep

  7. I agree with funneh pineapple on pizza is good !!!!

  8. Ahhhh, there almost at 8 mill!!!✨💗
    Yesterday they were at 8.7 mill!💗✨
    I’m sooo excited!! For them to hit 8 mill!

  9. someone is going to have a reaction to the cookies

  10. Did funneh just cuss or im hearing things?!

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