Weird Japanese Arcade Games! -

Weird Japanese Arcade Games!

Plush Time Wins
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While we were in Japan we came across a few games that stood out from the rest. These games all had something that made them different than most of the games in the arcades we came across. Some are weird and others are just really fun. Let us know which is your favorite. ENJOY!

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  1. Yes, well, he was smiling and it’s nice to know he went to loving home 🙂

  2. What did you do in Japan? Shot Nemo in the face 😋

  3. Did that popcorn game really take 2 hours

  4. por que habla asi esa boba… DIOOOOOOOOOOOS!!

  5. The Sumo Difficulties:
    Maegashira (Easy)
    Forth Rank Champion (Normal)
    Third Rank Champion (Hard)
    Second Rank Champion (Harder)
    Grand Champion (Insane)

  6. Why he dont go to melky kiss its need one mor3

  7. What arcade is this??? I'd love to visit in Tokyo next year.

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