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We Opened a Virtual Reality Arcade

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It’s been awhile since we uploaded a video, but we promise it’s only because we’ve been pretty busy with the little side project. Okay, so it’s not so little. Come take a tour of Edge VR Arcade and see what we’ve been working on for the past 2 years!

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  1. You can check us out on YouTube as well.

  2. What? Your giving away a few HTC Vives to celebrate? Awesome!!! 😉

  3. That’s awesome! Good job you guys! Been watching y’all since NAB 2011! Glad your business is going well! 😊

  4. This is awesome guys! I'll have to come by for a visit. 😁👍

  5. The hard work will pay off. Be the first to jump in the market

  6. Looks great! Where did your racer/ simulator setup?

  7. Maybe add black or poc to your commercials in the future. It doesn't look very welcoming for black or brown people.

  8. This is awesome im trying to do something similar over here in California think u can give me an idea of how much that all cost? Im trying to find out what a decent financial goal is for opening up an arcade business

  9. looking also to do a vr arcade but mobile. wondering how you work out license for games? also what kind of rates needed for profits? do you do consulting ?

  10. This i actually believe could revive the arcades 😉

  11. How to get the games from gaming arcade….

  12. Hi how is the budget for all this stuff 😅

  13. Hey congrats on Edge VR. I bought into the VR thing a few years ago. Have an HTC Vive. Been waiting for wireless to become standard along with massive FOV, super hi-res and next to no screen door effect. Hopefully by the time my "upgrade" criteria is met they'll have integrated augmented reality options too. Your place looks great!

  14. Can you come down to Milwaukee and make a VR arcade?

  15. How much do you charge for maybe 30minutes on the VR?

  16. Thanks that was really interesting im trying to open one too but i got more into vr machines but you guys are more focusing on headsets and few machines you save a lot of space like that it's something I should start considering too

  17. Hi I'm from India I want to start VR Club
    Can you give some details or you interested in Franchise in India ??

  18. Ive been thinking of opening one in lacrosse Wisconsin best suitable area that i can find to build one where i live, do you guys have any pointers for opening one?

  19. 0:49 I'm behind a computer screen not a cam-
    Oh different Will.

  20. Whats the name of the car and flight simulator?

  21. I was gonna open one , got all the investors and stuff just needed to buy the equipment then Covid-19 came

  22. How is all going a year later I wonder? VR is becoming more mainstream in the home with Oculus and now with Apple getting involved. Either way….I want to go!

  23. Wanted to see are y’all useing a Kay walk mini

  24. "a little side project"

    literally opens an entire arcade

  25. This looks fucking awesome, really happy for you guys

  26. that's good you added food because then you can stay open now

  27. How large is this space, sq footage? crazy amazing @nextwavedv

  28. Congrats guys I'm in the process of opening an arcade in my area would love to network with you guys. Ive done the market research and it will be really success out here. email bigcitydreamz141@gmail.com

  29. I am hoping to start something like this for my community. Where can I get the equipment???

  30. Actually in how much money u made this arcade

  31. hey I also want to open such game zone… please suggest and help

  32. I want to open a game center like that but I need help of ideas of how to build it, what to buy, how to install and so on… Someone can help please 🙏

  33. The led strip (what they look like) is that really led strips inside the wall

  34. Kinda wanna do one of these but I've never run a business or had money for something like this lol maybe one day 😂

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