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War Thunder – “Victory is Ours” Live Action Trailer

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Take a look at this live action trailer for War Thunder titled “Victory is Ours” which commemorates the heroism of all the participants of the Great Patriotic War.

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  1. This is the best trailer I ever watched!

    Epic scene make me repeat and repeat to watch this!!
    How motivated is this!
    And there is only one feeling to me, “You die or me die”.

  2. 3:36 2/10 moment, highly unrealistic, I have never seen a teammate realise you need help cause you are stuck, mostly you are left to be stuck untill the game ends

  3. What's a BF-109 doing dogfighting with a bomb?

  4. Please do not forget both Soviet and Chinese lives saved world and your ass

  5. Not gonna lie. The music is kinda titanic vibes

  6. Even with all the badassery, they still managed to put the overused "aahyaa-a"

  7. Помню в детстве смотрел это и щас смотрю

  8. Basically war thunder expectation

  9. Petition to change title of this video to 'Enlisted trailer'.

  10. the song make you feel like the a severely wounded soldier sitting in the trenches looking at the picture of his loved ones, and waiting for the time to ignite the bomds around him

  11. Classic quotes in War Thunder
    "Gunners are searching for aircraft and surface targets." -Some naval guy
    "THE GUNS BEEN LOADED/LOADED." -Tank reloader
    "Attack the D point" -Some random player
    "ATTENTION, APROACHING TARGET" -Some random pilot
    "Loud and clear" -ATC Guy

  12. It feels like this Trailer can be connected to Enlisted

  13. What do you think about world war 3

  14. a musuca nao sai dos meus ouvidos nunca kkk

  15. Не смеют крылья черные Над Родиной летать , Поля её просторные Не смеет враг топтать

  16. классно бы было если бы припевы магомаева свели сюда

  17. People in 40000000021:This is a masterpiece

  18. Клип и песня на Века

  19. 와우 … 엄청나네 .
    지금 봐서 멋지네요 ..

  20. Не спеши… не спеши… об чём песня та?

  21. 2021 – O Trailer mais primoso de todos os games de guerra.

  22. Pls respect camera man he’s speed like sonic to get the ammo scene

  23. Ла-5 один из лучших истребителей второй мировой

  24. Better for enlisted because it actually has infantry

  25. Everyone was involved, but the Russians had the biggest balls

  26. This trailer has so much soul ‘cause it was a holy war for Russians and it still hurts. Not a job to do but a best way to die. And a song appreciates it as she sings about how she waits someone to come

  27. It's more like Enlisted
    Эт больше похоже на Энлистед

  28. The song The Last Battle by Sabaton fits perfectly with this

  29. 😭😭😭😭😭😭👍👍👍❤️❤️

  30. 2:59 настолько криво вставлено что глаза режет


  32. До слез.. Спасибо за память..

  33. госзаказ… ментализация войной сознания

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