Vintage 1980 Pac-Man Cocktail Table Arcade Game Cabinet - Overview, Gameplay Video -

Vintage 1980 Pac-Man Cocktail Table Arcade Game Cabinet – Overview, Gameplay Video

Joe’s Classic Video Games
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This is a true classic! The original 1980 Pac-Man Arcade Game, this was the first time we ever saw Pac Man. This is the cool sitdown “Cocktail” cabinet version of the game, still running and looking great after 35 years of chasing ghosts! You can see all the other games we have available at the moment at . Enjoy the Video!

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  1. we had one of these at a restaurant when I was like 5

  2. T.T Pac-Man sends a shudder down my mouth.

  3. Does anyone know the size of camlock needed for thus unit ? I’m missing mine and want to find correct size.

  4. Wish I had this I use to play one in a mom and pop pizza's place in FL

  5. Why is Determination: Father's Message From the Ninja Gaiden NES in the 0:000:04.

  6. Thank you for this I couldn't find much info in this machine. I've had one In My garage for along time and I plugged it in and it works.

  7. I think mine is missing the CP lights… would that be hard to reinstall?

  8. Do you have to put quarters in it and if it does does it have a key to open it?

  9. 🕹📍🖲▶️🎮👾😶 Pac-Man® Pac-Man© Pac-Man™ Pac-ManJr™ Mrs-Pac-Man™ Baby-Pac-Man™ Kid-Pac-Man™ Teen-Pac-Man™

    TO MUCH PAC-MAN™‼️⁉️
    🅰TM 🏧

  10. I have this exact table but the screen/lightbulb has gone out. Any ideas?

  11. Pac-man hack it appears as it does not normally move that fast….

  12. I remember these use to be at pizzahut in the 80s xD

  13. What is the best way to tell if it is original or a remake?

  14. I have one of these. it doesn't work anymore but i really want to look into having it restored.

  15. I just bought a cocktail table from someone. Everything is vintage inside the machine except this extra board on a ribbon, says its from 1999 and has a big sticker on one of the chips saying GAME ROM. My pac-man runs faster than normal just like yours does. Is there a way to change this setting or do i need a new game rom chip?

  16. Just picked up an original Pacman game for way too cheap. Someone had replaced the board with a Mrs. Pacman board, and updated the underlay. The machine was FILTHY and not working. So far I gave gutted it down to nothing to properly clean the cabinet, harness, etc. I've never worked on an arcade in my life, but I have a hunch the monitor is gone. I'm stuck debating on trying to find a used monitor, have this one repaired, or updating to LCD panel. Thoughts?

  17. When I was a kid, my father took my mother and I to the US (we are from Brazil) in 1984 (or 85 I do not remember) and had a machine exactly like that in the hotel where we stayed. once my father tried to make me to speak English. He told me to go to the counter and buy some chips. As I was 11 years old my embarrassment to do so made me rush out into the bedroom leaving my dad looking at me running away with frustrated face.

    this is one of those times when we wish we could go back in time to fix our stupidities. :/

  18. I used to own ms. Pac man. Really cool to see this ! Do you have the stools that come with it ? I needed a car in the late 90's and I had to sell mine…. : ( I think I sold the machine close to 6k if I remember. I fully restored the machine a while before. None the less, still a fun machine.

  19. I have the one that has pac man on one side and galactica on the other.

  20. In 1985 my father had one of these in this house for a while and I had Pac-Man Fever

  21. How much would one of these in great condition go for?

  22. Thanks for sharing, takes me back. Even seeing the Pac Man imagery/logo sends a shudder down my spine. Cheers!

  23. Does that one have the rom which speeds up the game I bought a MS pacman used seems to be faster then normal. What I read is there is a rom called the 6F can buy a modified version it will make it run faster.

  24. I have this but my mom wants me to sell it 🙁

  25. My grandpa had one of these….man I wish I still had it.

  26. Why do they say that Pac Man started in 1982? I played Pac Man on Gran Canaria in 1981 as a table game. Not arcade game. You could put your drink on the side and sit in a chair and play.

  27. If you like Pac-Man, try RandomPac. It has been made as faithful as possible to the original arcade version except that the mazes are created randomly (they are different every time) and it contains bonus levels. Download it from

  28. Love this table! Trying to purchase for Christmas and having trouble finding a place to buy.
    Can you please help with recommendations? I live in Germany so International shipping is preferred. However, I may be able to ship to someone in the States and have them mail to us. Great content! Thx!

  29. I have one of these. When I was a kid, my dad bought from a friend after his restaurant closed down back in the early to mid-1980's. I did have to replace the original CRT with a LCD flat screen recently. I am going to make a new bezel out of black poster board to cover up the silver brackets and screen edges. Unfortunately, the paint under the glass is pretty deteriorated. I am torn between getting a new underlay or keeping it original. If I get the underlay I would have to scrape all of that original paint job off of the glass.

  30. Two questions….
    Did those lights come with the original table ?

  31. Very entertaining and fun to watch. Thanks for posting this.

  32. I was a master player at this I so miss it

  33. When I was a teenager I saw this exact Pac-Man cocktail table arcade game at a DQ Dairy Queen fast food restaurant along with a Galaga cocktail table and I played this one a lot. I miss the good times of that it brings back good memories.

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