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Video Power With Johnny Arcade (1990)

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Video Power was a videogame show that aired in two different formats from 1990-1992 in syndication. Both formats revolved around video games, and actor Stivi Paskoski presided over both series playing video game master Johnny Arcade. It was a fun show to watch, especially for me as a kid growing up in the late 80’s and early 90’s back than, i found two shows of Video Power on a old VHS tape and transferred it to the PC. Sorry about the subtitles, nothing i can do about it. I had to cut out the cartoon regarding copyrights that are running rampid on Youtube.

More info about the show here:


  1. Wow i was 6 years old and i remember watching this!!! That is how i got here!

  2. At one point though it was steve-o, since his voice and looks

  3. Video games will lead to a violent society with guns everywhere.

  4. “This is the Green Goblin. You can die from this guy.”

  5. I forgot the title of this show I just searched 90's Nintendo gameshow and boom

  6. I learned Mario 3 Flute secret in this show, nostalgic feels man 😢

  7. What was the other show called where they would always play castlevania at the end of the show. Or sometimes Ninja Gaiden.

  8. Jack Dylan Grazer (Shazam) would be a great choice for Johnny in a new VIDEO POWER show.

  9. Can you imagine how many things this kid would be diagnosed with today!!! I miss the 80s sometimes

  10. Video games help develop much hand-eye coordination, and turn children into better human beings.

  11. I remember watching him as a kid. Dont remember him being so intense. Hey gotta do whatcha gotta do to appeal to kids. Mad retro tho

  12. I remember thinking Johnny Arcade was so cool back when I was 8.

  13. I rather have these old companies make more new games on the old consoles
    they are so much fun still today.

  14. Looks like it was filmed reusing sets from Saved by the Bell.

  15. "The Rhino is an awesome opponent"
    Rhino: Runs left and right…

  16. I don’t remember this show. Was it regional?

  17. This kid is on some crazy crack! I love it!

  18. Radical
    Most coolest
    Most radical
    Boo, ya
    Oh, snap

  19. Still the coolest guy in the 90's.

  20. i'm literally playing SMB 3 on the switch, and these tips actually helped. thumbs up.

  21. Favourite show growing up in the 90s 😭😭😭

  22. I always hated Jonny Arcade. He just seemed like a dickhead.

  23. And speaking of Super Mario 3, I know how to go straight to World 8

  24. "Then use your vita-blaster's vitamin C on those cherries"

  25. Squeeze bottles, 16 bit graphics, big backed televisions… man what a time to be alive

  26. Saban was involved, just let that sink in folks

  27. "Make this video even more 90s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  28. I grew up on this show every day I would wait for it to come on.

  29. it's like a parody of the 90s but the real thing oh my God

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