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Video Power / Nick Arcade reviews

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Cinemassacre reviews Video Power and Nick Arcade
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  1. Video Power & Johnny Arcade is slightly in my memory. I must have seen it once or twice randomly and I have it mixed in with the few memories I have of Captain Nintendo.

  2. We never got this in the UK but we had a similar show from 1987 called Knightmare. Every kid wanted to be on that show. I suppose it was a more intellect based RPG sort of game. You should look it up.

  3. I love those shows! I wanted Johnny Arcade’s chair

  4. im so old i remember both of these shows along with starcade & the video game with geoff edwards i watched them all & nick arcade should come back & the end bonus round can be done on VR

  5. It was syndicated so depended on your market, I remember this show after school on weekdays

  6. I watched video power before school. It was when I was in middle school

  7. Most people don't know, but that host of Video Power grew up to write a certain NES Guidebook

  8. Nothing like seeing Johnny's mullet again after all these years.

  9. I used to get up at 4am to watch bozo show and video power afterwards…loved these shows. Nick Arcade was later, but awesome as well!

  10. Video power was way better than nick Arcade

  11. I miss video power …. the super market sweep of videogames lol

  12. I remember both. But I actually preferred video Power better. I like the fact that they played real games, and go on a shopping spree to potentially win even more games! What kid wouldn't want that!

  13. I had a dream about being on video power gameshow bonus round. Hated to wake up with the disappointment if no video games got.

  14. Johnny Arcade looks like the SlapChop guy 😂
    Edit: looked it up. Not him. I'm slightly disappointed.

  15. Johnny arcade looks like Pat the nes punk

  16. When I was a kid, I was convinced the host of Nick Arcade was La Forge from Star Trek: Next Gen.

  17. Dude, I remember both of these shows vividly. Video Power was always on the tv before school!

  18. Didn't they have 3 final bosses? I remember Mongo and scorchia but there was also a Merlin looking wizard, dont think it was merlin though.

  19. it's crazy how ahead of its time these shows were

  20. I had… COMPLETELY forgotten about Nick Arcade. MY CHILDHOOD. 🤭

  21. So Video Power for me did air in the afternoon on WGN.

  22. Wasn't there also a woman host on Nick Arcade? Or am I just thinking of a different show. Man I miss the 90s.

  23. I only got Game Pro with JD Roth and some other due who only was in a few episodes

  24. Video Power was the s***! Johnny Power was like a wannabe Vanilla Ice of video games, lol 😂

  25. i like this guy tons more, now that i know hes got a tattoo.

  26. Video Power was on after school in most places

  27. "Rise of nostalgia"
    Tf? Nostalgia doesn't 'rise', people have always been retrospective and nostalgic

  28. Hello. My name is Alex Miller and I was on Video Power about 4 or 5 times. I was the big 13 year old. I had an awesome idea to bring the show back with next gen consoles. I think it would be amazing. Do you have any thoughts on it? Video game shows do not exist anymore and bringing this back from the dead I think would be a huge success.

  29. Wow nick arcade was really ahead of its time
    cuz that was the real VR

  30. Why wasn't there anything like that after the show disappeared

  31. Anyone notices the donatello action figure in the background of video power?

  32. Video Power ended up being on at like 6:30 AM and at one point on at 6AM. I think a lot people didn't watch tv before school.

  33. Video Power always stuck with me. Never saw that many episodes, but I really wanted to be on it. I forgot all about Nick Arcade until recently when I saw a random clip.

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