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Video Games: The Movie

Mediajuice Studios
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Available for a limited time on YouTube, Video Games: The Movie!

A feature-length documentary that aims to inform and entertain on the process of how video games are made, marketed, and consumed by looking back at gaming history and culture through the eyes of game developers, publishers, and consumers. It’s not just another film about the games industry but an attempt at something much more ambitious: the question of what it means to be a gamer, a game designer, and where games are headed.

Written and Directed by Jeremy Snead © Mediajuice Studios, LLC. Dallas, TX All rights reserved.


  1. I play apex legends anyone else play it too?

  2. Wait a minute I watch world war Z and that’s why there’s a game of it?

  3. "available for a limited time" it has been a year

  4. me and some class mates in my game dev class watched it and all enjoyed it, good job and thank you!

  5. If I wanted to learn id go to school. Sheesh

  6. They could have at least change the thumbnail…

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  8. I’m not mad that this isn’t a crossover movie, I’m disappointed

  9. I always wanted to think about a movie of video games thanks to yall my dream has been true.

  10. MediaHyperspektiv Yanet LogoEditor444 / MHLE444 says:

    2:47 Super Mario Bros And Super Mario Bros 2 Super Mario Bros 3 Super Mario World

  11. MediaHyperspektiv Yanet LogoEditor444 / MHLE444 says:

    Movie Trailer

  12. It all went from flying pixels on black screens to the point where we’re approaching a full-blown metaverse. All that and everything in between is glorious in its own way. Grew up in the 70s? Atari was your hero. The 80s? Nintendo really went “Oh hey there, imma bout to save this whole industry”. The 90s? Rivalries galore, and an unthinkable jump into the 3rd dimension.
    As for the 00s? That was me. I still miss my Wii. But I’m about ready to move on, and with the idea of a metaverse implanted in my head, I do believe there really are no limits. Others may be perturbed, but this is an era I will personally welcome with open arms.
    Once a gamer, always a gamer.

  13. I really truly enjoyed this. Absolutely well made in all aspects!!!!
    All of the footage, interviews and the way the Timelines was set out….
    Absolutely FANTASTIC!!!!!.
    Well done guys. Kudos to you!!!

  14. Written and directed by Jeremy Snead… I wonder if he own a fead and sead?

  15. This shows us how all of our favorites like halo, mortal kombat, injustice , borderlands, god of war, gears, gta, and all of the other great games ever made

  16. ✊🏾We're All Gamers🎮At❤️Heart✊🏼
    (None Of These Consoles Can Set Us Apart)

  17. At first I thought someone pirates the whole movie and made it an ad.
    Probably will watch the thing when I have time, seems interesting.

  18. I already saw it is actually a boring documentary i’m sorry oh just seen it

  19. Haha just like every video game had the chnace to ve perfect video game this documentary had its chance too bad they mess it up like all the games .

    Gaming will never evole at this pace just like humanity .

  20. Who else got played thinking this was an animated movie

  21. I knew it would be a documentary the first time I looked at it.

  22. Nolan Bushnell got the video game idea from someone else, but he created Arcade gaming AND console gaming. He's the Godfather of video games. Miyamoto is the most creative game developer of all time, but he didn't create gaming like Nolan did. Oh, and give Alcorn credit too… without him, Atari wouldn't have become what it did.

  23. Thank you comments, for doing what the dislikes couldn't.

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