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The hero of a gritty, car-racing videogame has a change of heart after drinking a Coke. Instead of hijacking cars and stealing purses, he decides to give a little love.


  1. Now I want to drink a coke to be as cool as this man

  2. I'll take this over the new "gamer" commercial

  3. Yo am i dreaming???
    Is this the real coca cola???

  4. This idea aged poorly with the release of their most recent commercial.

  5. Wonder why Youtube recommends this 12 years later but it's worth it.

  6. I didn’t read the date this video came out, and based on a lot of the comments I thought it was relatively recent. This thing is from 2009, but it honestly feels like it’s so much newer, I even thought it only being 240p was intentional as well.

  7. Everything was great before I realise that was from Coco Cola

  8. Why don't they make ads like these anymore

  9. Coke: Next time, do not take advice from Twitch on how to advertise from "gamers". Better yet, don't try this ever again.

  10. How did y'all forget how to make good commercials

  11. that's how mafia works
    (but the fact they've co-opted the act of charity just proves that coca-cola is literally run by sociopaths)

  12. This is cooler than that trash e-sports comercial

  13. That was so unrelated to the coke I was surprised it was an ad, I thought it just had coke in it

  14. They should have just remastered this one instead of the garbage they showed us recently…

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