Video Game Themes Performed on an 80s Synthesizer -

Video Game Themes Performed on an 80s Synthesizer

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Having some fun with an ancient vintage synth. All of these songs are played in their entirety in solo piano versions elsewhere on this channel.

If you like this video, check out part 2 at: and piano/synth duets at:


  1. Big Blue sounds so cool through the synth, but I do love Earthbound's warmth in tonal quality. It's all awesome great job!! 🎹🤙🎶

  2. That transition from Zelda to Sonic is like finishing Ocarina of Time with tears in your eyes, up until your little brother enters the room loudly, falling on the floor in the process, claiming it's HIS TURN ON THE XBOX (or in this case N64)

  3. I see 9 'dislikes' and 2,200 'likes'. 9 is 0.41% of 2.2k. In 2015, 0.48% of the population was blind. With severe visual impairment accounting for 2.9%. Statistically speaking, with a sample size of 2.2k, I think it's VERY safe to say the dislikes in this video were likely mistakes.

  4. This is the coolest thing ever since 16 bit consoles came out!

  5. Brought a smile to my face, as always!

    I have a request for a song I just discovered was even in Smash Ultimate, if you’re up for it: the Mappy Medley. I’d love to hear your take on that classic theme, especially since it doesn’t get covered that often. Only if you feel inspired to, of course. 🙂

  6. Masterful! I don't recognize the games except for Sonic but I love it , and the JP6 of course. Wow Bear, it seems you have reached a huge amount of views and so many subs as well, I am SO happy for you, having known you from the earliest days when it was practically me and Siel who were watching your videos . Great talent eventually gets noticed.

  7. BearKeys you've done it again! This is so incredible! …. Can I make a ringtone out of some of these?

  8. This is awesome. You gotta do chemical plant zone next

  9. 0:260:33 proved that whatever settings you had that on, would be perfect for doing old Castlevania songs on.

  10. Was NOT expecting Big Blue at the beginning! Your playing is so elegant. Would you consider doing a full cover of Big Blue on synth? It would be amazing <3

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