Video Game Tat 9: Local Championship Edition Plus Alpha -

Video Game Tat 9: Local Championship Edition Plus Alpha

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Stained Glass:
Retro Magazines: (Code ASHENS)
Street Fighter 2 Doc:
Retro Replay arcade:
Intrepid Izzy:
Hurbleflurb McGinty:

What was a wall of links! I thought I’d be nice for once and mention some nice video game related stuffs. Don’t expect it again for another 15 years.

We’ve got pointless chopsticks! Shot glasses! Cuddly action heroes! Cool magazines! Incredible stained glass! New Dreamcast games! And an entire bloody arcade because WHY NOT

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  1. The magazines are interesting, but the shipping cost is almost the price of the magazine itself.

  2. Want me to play yer plug?
    Chuff tit! LOL

  3. I thought the Spyro thing was green because he's supposed to be like one of the dragon statues you break free in the game.
    If he was supposed to be green but changed to purple in development, he has something in common with the 3rd Street Saints.

  4. I don't drink, but I would totally get myself that Moxxxis bar! That's so cool!

  5. I love Moxxi but don't think I'd buy that set. People would think I am a bit….creepy.

  6. even at .25 speed its hard to catch that split second.

  7. The Pixel Bunker arcade is really cool. I've been the past couple of weekends and there's lots of good stuff there.

  8. I thought spyro was purple🤣 ohhhhhh ok the limited edition part makes sense.

  9. Olive Drab Spyro shall appear in my nightmares

  10. So fucken good to see a new video from you Dr Ashen!

  11. This is the first time I've heard someone say "breezeblocks" outside of the alt-J song.

  12. The mixtape was very reminiscent of the tapes I would get with Zzap64 Magazine 🙂

  13. I was just thinking how much I needed an Ashens video XD

  14. DR ASHEN: They've even got an Amiga one!
    DR ASHEN: Zzap Amiga.
    ME: …well I'm sure that is also enjoyable, he said with mild disappointment.

  15. The Spyro was made by NumSkull. The green colour was a limited edition version of the regular colour version, it’s based off cheat codes that can change Spyro’s colour to Green, Red, Blue, Pink, Yellow and Black.
    Fun fact: Spyro was originally gonna be Green but the devs changes him to purple because green would make him blend into the grass

  16. And now a top 2 list for my favorite games that have had a Green to Purple change…

    Saints Row


  17. That Spyro statue is really cute. Big shame that it seems to be out of production years ago. 🙁

  18. You had the chopstick holder upside down… they're supposed to rest in the curve…

  19. Tell the local arcade to post a sign that reads:
    "This arcade existing, as it does, is quite unlikely. Ask us about giving us money every month to keep that a thing, yeah?"

  20. i got that spyro but he is coloured and i love it…

  21. Well, this is the first one of these vid types I've seen, but it was absolutely lovely! I never played spyro and I thought for awhile it was just unpainted or something "rare" like that, but the actual back story is really interesting! Thanks for that!

  22. I recently had to dump hundreds of spectrum games when I moved and realised that you can just instantly load and play them on a PC and they are worthless! (I had tried the early emulators and they were shit!) I had a tub filled with dozens and dozens of demo tapes off Your Sinclair etc. Christ, I must have spent a lot of money as a yoof!

  23. Ashen's is getting old. Please don't take him out behind the barn and shoot him (unless he breaks his leg….)

  24. I used to buy Zzap 64 in a little shop about 10 km from where I live. It was the only shop here I ever found that actually had it. They also only ever got one copy each month. But it was always there ..waiting for me 🤣

  25. 21:30 there’s a place near me like that it’s called 1984 its $10 to play all day and they have themed rooms and retro collectibles

  26. Hey, there's more than 16 bits of glass in that thing!

  27. I expect every Ashens video to now include a Gherky Pickelson interlude

  28. I just thought Spyro was green like the Elder dragons you have to free in the first game because he’s like a statue initially, but that’s acc a really cool fun fact. I don’t think a green dragon would’ve quite hit the same as purple 😂

  29. Seen a lot of cool Saturn and Dreamcast stuff pop up lately.
    Wish I could get my hands on some of it!

  30. I now have an urge to make beer bread now talking about arcade boards in ovens

  31. There’s a retro arcade mixed with pinball too up north in Bury, Manchester. You should check it out. Arcade Game club Bury. They are expanding to Blackpool too I believe

  32. I have the Spyro incense burner in the purple colour, I love it

  33. was that ashens and nerdcubed figures that popped up near the end ?

  34. 22:04 Ashens and Nerd Cubed action figures. I wonder if they will get an actual release.

  35. Moxxie is in every borderlands games well at least 1 and 2 I haven't played 3 so idk

  36. I missed ya lad. Watching your videos is my daily bedtime ritual but I'm running out of videos. I just realized…. I watched this video at daytime now so now I still have no new video for tonight. Shit…

  37. The chopstick (hashi in Japanese) rest is called hashioki. Though Japanese chopsticks are usually a lacquered wood not metal.

  38. I'd imagine besides the "Spyro was originally supposed to be green" reasoning, he's probably green as a reference to the green dragon statues in the game you have to activate to save the elder dragons.

  39. Ashens: next time could you mention my shop, Rawlinsons? I can let you have 50 shop-soiled chocolate oranges. You might find some superficial damage to the box, but the chocolate's perfectly edible.

  40. Those chop sticks appear to be Korean style. Korean chopsticks are usually made out of metal and are rounded versus the Japanese style that are more square and made from wood.

  41. Actually just ordered the Doom Slayer plushie. Glad to hear it's very plush feeling.

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