video game pickups #89 doncaster video game market pickups -

video game pickups #89 doncaster video game market pickups

Big Game Al
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video game pickups #89 doncaster video game market pickups





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  1. Some nice grabs mate gutted I couldn't make the market I'm gonna hopefully make the February one

  2. good vid on you channel keep up the good vids thanks lee

  3. Gutted not to make it mate, really wanted to go.
    Pokémon 🤮💩🤮.
    That sega pad looks very sexy
    Nice Saturn bundle.
    Great pick ups mate, shame about the car, did you try shouting at it?

  4. It was a fantastic day except your breakdown and my assault 😂
    Got some belters there, I very nearly got that templars game just before you but for some reason I didn’t bother with it.
    I know people say that the markets are expensive but I think every tuber there would say that they walked away with some bargains.
    Great pickups and a pleasure to meet up with you again………thanks for Kangaskhan too 😂

  5. Not a problem AL, was great to see you again mate.
    Hahahahaha you and bloody cars, what was wrong with yours then in the end?

  6. I'm saving my Poke Walker for when I get the big box incomplete 😀, they've shot up in price recently.
    Nice to see a DS game without the game sticker on the manual 😀
    Painkiller had a big box version which I wanted to get but they all had rough boxes.
    Pretty sure I got Bikini Squad in a charity shop for £1.99 a couple if years back so it's another game on the up.
    Hopefully I can get to London Market if it's on.

  7. Got some great stuff there. Painkiller I think is a good purchase as it keeps on rising in price! Nice easy watch mate 👍

  8. Great pick ups mate and glad you got home alright in the end. Was great to see you and hope you enjoy the controller.

  9. 360 tat 😮😮🤣 I love it 🤣 i remember reading about the first templer when it came out…..sounded good. Great to see some seega 😉 if donny was closer I'd go…. Monday to Friday 9-5 breakdown cover 🤦🤦 glad it all got sorted though bud

  10. If you haven't played it yet heart gold is a top pick to play from the Pokémon series as a whole. Black and white is good. It's refreshing not to see the same Pokémon used

  11. Glad to see you made it back alright after your breakdown! 🤣
    Some awesome gifts from tooty!!
    you need to watch the onechanbara film. it will put hairs on your chest!!!
    you sponsored by the AA now🤣

  12. Nice pickups Al sounds like you had a time at doncaster

  13. As always good to catch up again mate.

    A bit of a mixed bunch here, but good to see some Saturn in the mix.

    I’ll be happy to go again to Donny in the new year. Who knows I may buy something next time lol.

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