VIDEO GAME HUNTING in SEATTLE: Stores I recommend when visiting -

VIDEO GAME HUNTING in SEATTLE: Stores I recommend when visiting

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Visiting the Seattle area?! Gamers will want to visit these awesome retro gaming stores!
Google Maps:
Pink Gorilla – U-District
Al’s Music Video & Games
Re-PC Seattle
Pink Gorilla – International District
Game Gurus
Another Castle Edmonds
Another Castle Lynnwood
Game Over Games



My Video Gear & Equipment:
Sony FDR-AX53 4K camcorder :
Rode Shotgun microphone :
Audio Technica AT4033/CL (voice overs) :
STUDIO LIGHTS: Aputure Light Storm LS 1C
Headphones: Meze 99 Classics:

Computer: Apple iMac 27″ w/ Final Cut Pro X :
Elgato HD Game capture devices :

Background music by Metal Jesus Rocks and the YouTube Creator Audio Library

** DISCLAIMER: I was not paid to make this video & nobody is compensating me for talking about their store. The Seattle area rocks for retro gaming and I wanted to make sure visitors know about them **


  1. I live in Canada and i really want to go down to Seattle again soon! but the borders are still closed… I didn't know there was more of them in Seattle! I LOVE those retro gaming stores AND i'm actually looking for a Windows 98 tower with a floppy disk drive! I need to go to those places soon when it opened up again

  2. So there is two Pink Gorilla stores.
    I always thought that there was only one.

    Are they both owned by Kelsey and Cody?

    Btw. it was kinda weird and funny see Seattle so sunny in most of the outdoor portions of the video. 😃

  3. Think we have about 8 retro video game stores within my area in NC. Video makes me wanna make a trip to local stores.

  4. I love that at 6:20 there's a store in Seattle just called "Cigarettes" lol.

  5. Waiting for the border to be able to safely open again, so I can come down and shop!

  6. All the video game store in Washington good

  7. Thumbs up before even watchin cause I know its gunna Rocks in Seattle, wish I could make it up there someday for Guerilla de Pink time et al

  8. Dude, I've gotta ask. Have you ever done a favorite bands episode!?!? For a dude named metal jesus I browsed your work and honestly havent found anything… if you havent done one please do! If you have can you link it for a bad researcher??

  9. I watch Cody on Twitch every day except Mondays lol

  10. It's sad because I cannot go to see and search for games to put in my collection because I live in Montreal, Quebec and here they don't have many store who sells rare games do these stores you mentioned in this video can sell and ship games in Canada ? thanks and like always great video !!

  11. I just stopped by Pink Gorilla in International District a couple days ago and picked up a few games. They have good prices on most stuff, and the selection is usually good despite how small the store is. Highly recommended.

  12. Another Castle Edmonds has HORRIBLE customer service. The employees are always stressed out, probably because they're listening to chip-tunes at full blast all day, every day. Also, their prices are extremely high. I love video game hunting in Seattle and agree with most of your recommendations, however, I cannot recommend Another Castle Edmonds.

  13. Like for review but –
    the price tag for the vast majority of games is just crazy!
    If you walk around like a museum and the history of culture of the 20th century – excellent, but there are other places to buy with reasonable prices.

  14. So jealous of your market.
    Here in Edmonton (Canada) we have very few used game stores left. Most of them will give u next to nothing for trade ins and most games on the shelf are way overpriced but we have no pull and they can charge whatever they want.

  15. I tune into to this channel for the games…but damn the standard of production and editing in this video is fantastic.

  16. Great videos, I love it. Unfortunately Kitsap county didn't get a mention. However Big Reds has a machine signed by you. And there is Another Castle shop right off the Bremerton ferry.
    Also, when I worked at Nintendo, they had a small shop for visitors, but that might be gone now, it's been awhile since I have been there.
    Again, thank you for providing such great content.

  17. I’ll be in the area next month! I’m hoping to stop by a few of these places for sure!!

  18. Me from Germany: wait, this isn't a clothing store or supermarket, what is this? I want it, there is no other way for me to get saturn games 😔

  19. I'm from texas and our game over locations suck, they rarely have anything except commons

  20. Recently got into your channel after un-earthing my original PS2 from 2000 and started a collection of games again – love your channel and I’m learning a lot about other consoles and games I’ve never heard about 🔥 Rock on!

  21. 13 stores in the Seattle metro? In norway total i think there are 0.

  22. 7:43 Bru I remember my brother and I each getting that exact controller for Christmas in 2005

  23. Fantastic video, as someone who lives in PAL land but collects imported NTSC games I would be in heaven visiting somewhere like this! Vacation to Seattle in the future me thinks!

  24. oh fuck yeah, another castle! we used to do street fighter and dragonball fighterz tournaments down at the lynnwood one before lockdown. has a really special place in my heart.

  25. Green lake, how did they come up with that name lol

  26. Wow this is awesome , Wish I could on a Game Hunt with the Metal Man himself and find some gems !

  27. "Fine art classes", That may be, but I hope they dont teach typography… 😀

  28. Sweet💯A golf gti too
    If I'm not mistaken
    The quintessential hot hatch

  29. 0.13 Kirby 64 $53.90 retro stores are really cool but there inflated

  30. Muito bom!
    Parabéns pelo trabalho.
    Pra quem vem de fora de Seattle ajuda muito ❤🇧🇷

  31. Love these videos and the fact MJ doesn't buy off eBay at inflated prices.

  32. Gamer9poderoso:PowerfulGamer9:I LIKE YOUR VIDEOGAME TOURS AND ALL YOUR KOLLECTION THANKS METAL JESUS.🇺🇲🇨🇴🎖🏆🏅🥇🎮🕹🎮🕹🎮🕹🎮🕹🎮🕹.

  33. I loath overpriced used-video-games.

  34. I'm max 30 miles north in Everett. I've been wanting to get down to Seattle and look around. This makes my life a whole ton easier. I mean this is the best video for me at the perfect time.

    I love how you say "if you do have a car" not assuming that everyone does. I don't and I have to rely on a 512 hour bus ride just to get to pink gorilla. You thinking about my type of situation warms me

  35. I went hunting in london recently and sadly there isnt alot of stores, its all the chain cex.

  36. Amazing video and amazing recommendations! Even though I live in Toronto, Seattle is definitely on my bucket list to visit! Grunge scene '90 's was the best and still my favorite! My childhood idol is buried there Bruce Lee and Brendon Lee! And now since I have start watching Jason's chanel, love and passion for video games is another reason to visit some stores! Hopefully next year…

  37. This video gave me those nirvana and infamous second son vibes sooo goood

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