Video Game Documentary- CHASING GHOSTS (2006) -

Video Game Documentary- CHASING GHOSTS (2006)

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The 2006 documentary catching up 25+ years later with former arcade greats.

Space Station #5
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  1. Lmao billy standing in front of honest Abe was great tv

  2. Damn, this was saved on a microwave, but it’s still free.

  3. In my humble opinion this is the best Video Game documentary ever made.

  4. Too bad Brian Kuh wasn't in this. No discussion of classic video games is complete without his presence.

  5. You cannot teach a man to play Berzerk.

  6. Look at the all the guys in this video. They must get all the women – NOT!

  7. I've had a craving to play arcade Berzerk for the past 3 weeks and stumbled on this… eerie.

  8. No wonder these guys died off, and my generation took over in the Silver Age of Arcades.
    In the 90s, we’d go to the Mall Arcade. Mortal Kombat II (later 3, then 3 Gold. MKII just moved over to the side. It was still there) was right in front of you. To the left, on the side wall was Super Street Fight Alpha. To the right, in the wall was the fiest Virtia Fighter. And in the back..? Killer Instinct, & later KI 2.

    It was an Arcade Fighting Game HEAVEN! I spent $20 per DAY there. I don’t know how my parents afforded it.
    We hated Ticket Casino games like SkiBall and shit. We did still enjoy Pinball (and I am an Pinhead, to this day!)
    NOW..?? Kid Ticket Casinos, such as Chuck E. Cheese and Dave & Buster’s, are all that exist.
    We FINALLY got a couple “retro” arcades here, in Fort Myers, FL.
    And we have a couple others that are also LOADED, with Pinball.

    It’s about gahdamn TIME! Who CARES about these cheap prizes, that end up costing $350 more than it’s worth? Lol!

  9. And who KNEW a crew of these type of dudes (let’s face it…the quentessential stereotypical 80s arcade gaming GEEKs & DORKS!) would be such arrogant, cocky, egotistical, ASSHOLES??? Lol! Wow!!!!

  10. Saint Roy, the patron saint of Trans Ams and awesomeness was right about some of these people all along…

  11. Those guys complaining about the later arcade games are so stuck in the past that it’s kind of sad.

  12. Yikes at the fact this documentary has become a burial ground of a gross good ol' boys club of cheaters, pedophiles, and shameless sycophants which is why current Twin Galaxies owner Jace Hall is rightfully suing past owners Billy Mitchell (yes, he was an owner) and Walter Day for $3,333,360. The perfect score in Pac-Man.

    Get em, Jace.

    It also turns out Roy Shildt in this doc and in others such as The King of Kong is and was proven 100% right the entire time about TG, Billy Mitchell, and Todd Rogers. Give that man his due.

  13. I’m in Laconia, NH on vacation to American Classic Arcade Museum. Been coming here for years. Watching this before bed. Thanks for posting! 👾

  14. WOW – saddest story of a bunch of sad people holy crap

  15. Sad,I got into arcades round the early 90s during the beat em up/midway era and miss the nostalgia . At lest some of us have barcades ,small arcades in the area to relive our childhood.

  16. This was absolutely depressing… Pretty much a without redemption story. Listening to that one dude's music or even worse, the room with that other dudes sleeps on the floor with his thrift store fans… I was hoping for a dose of arcade nostalgia oh well

  17. Roy Schildt is the most self aware person in any of these documentaries. It’s a shame he seemingly isn’t well liked. I believe every works that comes out of his mouth. The others not so much.

  18. Now Walter is part of twin cities suing him and bulky Mitchell for fraud and racketeering lol

  19. people: walter get in the photo
    walter: no, no, when we all get exposed for lying and cheating people out of scores i dont want to be in the pic.

  20. This is awesome. Thanks for sharing

  21. I hate how Billy thinks he is the man and the best cause he got the highest score first well you didn't do it first someone else did it before you did and theirs a Polaroid to prove it

  22. That pacman award isn't for what he says it is either such a looser

  23. Watching this in 2021 with all the allegations against Billy and Todd makes them look like even more asses. Roy was right all along.

  24. When that guy shows the painting and says prepare yourself… I wasn't prepared.

  25. Wtf Arnold made his fortune from being a drug dealer and stripper lol no when he first came to America one of his first companies was to hire a bunch of body builder friends to do like how renovations and brick layer and did it all cheaper and because they were abunch of sexy body builders alot of house wives hired them

  26. Actually hearing all that makes feel a bit bad for Todd like no one deserves all that or to be in a abusive relationship so I kind of understand why he did what he did its all he really had

  27. An alternate title for this could have been Autism & Egos.

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