Video Game Documentary - Arcades -

Video Game Documentary – Arcades

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  1. I'm guessing the typical arcade machine back then paid for itself 10 times over in a year, so if you could have 50 of them and could last 5 years while selling snacks and drinks, you probably made a killing.

  2. Man watching this gives me nostalgia like I loved the arcades

  3. Damn I miss G4 and all the video game shows back in the day. I also watched tech tv for the anime that you couldn’t find on Cartoon Network lol

  4. More innocent time of chain jacking and gangs.

  5. pinball machines from the 90s
    ms pacman
    ghosts n goblins
    street fighter 2
    killer instinct
    super off road
    punch out
    X men 4 player
    simpsons arcade game
    spiderman arcade game

  6. So you just skip right over the late 80s??? The true peak of the actual arcade? Not really how I remember all this

  7. Dam internet divided us more rather than unite us like it intended🖕🏼😈🖕🏼

  8. During the 90's, as a kid, my parents would buy us systems like the Nintendo and Sega Genesis, but I wasn't interested in them, I would much rather head to the arcade and spend my allowance on arcade machines.

  9. NeoGeo made some of the best arcade games.

  10. They didn't even say killer instinct smh

  11. Awesome doc! What's ironic more so now with the Virus is the rise of the Home Arcade.

    After this I'm about to turn around and play my Marvel Vs. Capcom Arcade 1up, so the future isn't Big and Loud machines, They are small and Loud. . . . But at the same time, the feedback effect is wanting to go to a Dave N Buster's to enjoy the big machines so maybe they will get bigger as people want to keep gaming and inject the social aspect again.

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