Video Game Collection Update: Boxed Nintendo 64 Games, Arcade Machines, PlayStation, Neo Geo, Xbox -

Video Game Collection Update: Boxed Nintendo 64 Games, Arcade Machines, PlayStation, Neo Geo, Xbox

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It’s time for another look around my video game collection, once again focusing on the things that are less frequently seen! The room is a bit of a mess at the moment because some renovations are actually being done for some new shelves, which I hope will hold all of my Xbox games, among other things! In this video we also take a look at my Nintendo 64 collection (both loose and complete in box), PlayStation one collection, Game Boy/Nintendo DS collection, arcade machines, pinball machines, and more!

So thanks for watching, and please feel free to leave any comments or questions in the section below!

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  1. For GameBoy games I seen a display case that is pretty awesome…I think MachineGamesTX just got one in a recent vid if I'm not mistaken…

  2. Hunting for retro games #19 is the vid you will find it…

  3. Pretty rad stuff.Once you are done with the new room you should consider a giant overhaul and put all the Nintendo, Sega, Playstation stuff etc. in their designated areas. I know it's hard to do with a collection that big and will also take quite some time but it'd be amazing :D. Also how far are you with your N64 collection? From the looks of it you're only missing maybe around 40-50 titles 🙂

  4. Hey man I'm a fairly new subscriber, but I just gotta say….thats a pretty impressive collection, and the display cases are awesome, how did you manage to acquire them?, i'm also looking for better ways to display my stuff….cheers 

  5. I see that conkers bad fur day I need it ahhhh lol

  6. Awesome cool . Tour . 🙂 . Shame the trains are not on display . 🙂 . Some one should make a setup for the trains like the mushroom kingdom . 🙂 . So the trains . Could drive through . 🙂 . You could have a spirit tracks train on it . 🙂 . Also have you got the club nintendo . We got in pal regions . The case I mean that holds the first 3 proffesor layton games . I had it . But I acidently damaget it . 🙂 . Also zippo lighter stands I've heard and saw are good for shiwing some gameboy games . When there loose . 🙂 .

  7. Nice n64 stuff lotta cool carts like that red one

  8. Best way I have seen how to show gameboy games, is with those baseball card holders in binders, that way you can flip through them and see them, I guess thats not really displaying them though. Another thing I have seen is with zippo display cases, that way they rotate and you can see them in there.

  9. Yes you need a new room tour every year… give the people what they want. Lol

  10. Your dad could at least move his trains so you could have a little room for your game collection in the basement…geez.

  11. more games than a Gamestop, and not enough room for your train stops!

  12. cool vid man, have fun setting up the x-box room!

  13. Good to see an update on your room! "Andrews Magical Dungeon of Video Games and Nostalgic Past Retro Treasures" is what I'll call your room 😀 Had to pause a couple of times like I always do to just enjoy all the Goodness your rooms Behold!

  14. Nice collection, I wish I had space for vg cabinets like that, those are awesome.

  15. Yessss!! Nes AGD update!! Thanks man, I'm addicted, lol

  16. You can display GB/GBC/GBA games by putting them in ds cases and download the covers from and if you are done, they look great on a shelf

  17. Awesome collection wow you have alot of nice stuff and I love the arcade machines I have 12 arcade games in my basement that's the reason I can't set up a room with my console games yet awesome job please update it when the other room is done I would love to See it

  18. Make an NES vollection video. Game by game 😉

    How much did all that cost?

  20. Subscribed.Make more videos. I love seeing old games such as pokemon. Do u by any chance take the games out of the boxes or just take them out.

  21. wow its sad that gammers live with thear parrents

  22. Hey andrew do you have the new analogue cmvs system (Neo geo)

  23. your collection is amazing. I love they way you have everything displayed. Fantastic job!

  24. Extremely jealous! Do you actually play every game you buy or is more of a completive thing were the act of possession is more important over the enjoyment of the game itself?

  25. A fire is raging and you can run in and grab only one thing. What is it??

  26. For GBA use DS cases well the top and print off the cover art

  27. if you need somewhere to keep thos xbox games, you can keep them at my house! aha

  28. What games do you need to add to your collection.?

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