Video Game Classics: The Simpsons Arcade Game -

Video Game Classics: The Simpsons Arcade Game
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  1. Love this game! You can get a mame ardcade emulator and play it (as long as you have the original konami cabinet, ofcourse!) 😉

  2. me and my sisters beat this game at a hotel once it was awesome:D

  3. Can't play that but want too.
    Do anyone know if I can play that anywhere or on the net?

  4. This is one of my Favorite Games of all time.

  5. …. oh, n it will be free to playstation + subscribers!! I'm one of them!!

  6. The Simpsons Arcade Game, Friday, Feb 3rd on XBLA!!!!! ^_^

  7. its good that the simpsons cartoon is still going on : )

  8. 26th of January 2011! My favourite time of the year. Also Feburary & March.

  9. Marge Simpsons hair is so tall because it hides bunny ears don't be leave me search it up. He was gonna release them at the end if season 4 but scraped it due to inconsistency!

  10. I never could figure out how to do the team attacks 🙁 of course I rarely had anyone to play with anyways :'(

  11. CreepyPastas_Theorys_And_Fanfictions says:

    but i thought this game was sold on xbox live not to long ago

  12. it took soo many coins playing this game with my bro cousin and a friend, but it was so fun playing after school, oh the memories

  13. They should do a Treehouse of Horror episode where she's a bunny

  14. I hope this game comes to Nintendo Switch soon. Arcade games are really expensive online.

  15. Why didn't Smithers just take the diamond out of Maggie's mouth?


  17. How is barrts scateboard attached on his feet while he was hanging on the helicopter

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