VIDEO FEVER - Games People Play from ABC news LA about arcade video games recorded in 1982 -

VIDEO FEVER – Games People Play from ABC news LA about arcade video games recorded in 1982

Steven Hertz
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ABC news channel 7 Los Angels did a five part series about the arcade video game indusrty. This was transfered from a VHS tape that we recorded in 1982. We were 8 years old operating the VCR back then so some of video gets cut out.


  1. Did they scrapped Toasters and Chainsaws? I notice the game isn't even listed on Mame.

  2. In the 90s I only got to experience the old 80s machines in old run down arcades and the odd abandoned machine in a hotel lobby. Best thing about them was the prices hadn't been adjusted for inflation, so you could get a few credits for dirt cheap. Respect for arcades bringing video games to the masses and opening the way for the incredible 3D graphic we got in the 90s and home consoles becoming powerful.

  3. Yeah I watched plenty of videos on here where they demonized pinball machines to the point they were banned for many years in the country. It's always fear, bans, etc on things that are completely harmless. The media was full of shit then just like it is now lol.

  4. 1978 – 1984 best years ever
    Starting with home play Atari 2600, to Asteroids and then full arcades in 1980-84 with some of the coolest games ever. What a time!

  5. Not sure how pac man feels about me getting Pac-Man wrist playing Ms. Pac-Man 🤣🤣🤣

  6. Video games is the best 👍🏻🎮🎮

  7. I hope Jack Riddle didn’t bet his whole retirement on the success of “Toasters and Chainsaws”. 😂

  8. Toasters and Chainsaws sounds pretty cool. I guess it never went mainstream.

  9. 2:15 " I like the details". Boi if you find those details good, have no idea what's coming 😂😂

  10. Japan saved the video game industry after Americans ran out of ideas.

  11. Hi-Score by Botnit brought me to the original broadcast

  12. He can play "Guhlahga" for over 2 hours straight

  13. My dad spent his entire summer at the arcade back in ‘83

  14. LOL – is it really a news story to talk about the development of callus?

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