Vanguard Loop1 1981 SNK Mame Retro Arcade Games -

Vanguard Loop1 1981 SNK Mame Retro Arcade Games

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Played to Vanguard Loop 1 SNK 1981.

1. Vanguard 1981 – (Loop 2)
2. Vanguard 2 1984 – Not yet available.

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  1. I used to play this with a friend; I steered, he fired. Fed a lot of quarters into this game. : )

  2. I remember playing this at Penn State. There was often a couple people wanted to play at once. Funnest game ever. Especially compared to homework.

  3. The first piece of music before Vultans Theme, is star trek next gen theme. But that show came out in 86 or 87, so was this piece of music used in one of the early star trek movies? Or is this version of the game different? I have watched another vanguard video, no music at the start if the game! i see it is from star trek the motion picture. But that doesnt explain why it is omitted from some versions of the game.

  4. At least in the Atari version you could hitch a ride on the snakes a couple of times for bonus points.

  5. This was my favorite game back in the 80s

  6. The Mother of All Overhead Shoot Em Ups! Thanks for returning the lost memories!

  7. This game was featured in a Mormon commercial, inn the 1980's.

  8. I loved this game as a kid because of the music. I could play piano by ear, and I remember replicating the music on the piano, especially the "energy" song.

  9. 0:21 thru 0:27 Star Trek Music Theme 0:29 thru 0:47 Vultan's Theme (Attack of the Hawk Men) Squadron 40……DIIIIVE! Second Wave….DIIIIVE!

  10. I just set the record at Barcade for this game

  11. Its not exactly the hardest game in the world is it?

  12. 0:20 not only does the game play VULTAN'S THEME (per the comment below) when you hit the "power up", but the opening theme is STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE.

  13. SNK's early shooters always had some pretty robust play mechanics for the time – look at Ozma Wars being one of the first games to have particularly thought out boss fights – and Vanguard's pretty fleshed out sense of progression and aiming mechanics follow up on what they'd already done nicely. However, I can't help but find how depressed the narrator sounds hilarious.

    "Rush attack…"
    "Bleak zone…"
    "Rainbow zone…"

  14. The arcade on Forbes Avenue right above King’s Court Theater in Oakland on Pitt’s campus right above the Taco Vista. Vanguard. The only game Incoukd ever win.

  15. I hear that ENERGY music when I drink a lot of coffee!!

  16. One of my my favourites' when I was a young boy

  17. I clocked this classic several times. Loved it back in the eighties

  18. I wonder if this was the first game with an invincibility mode? It wouldn't surprise me, since Ozma Wars was likely the first to use a health meter, and that was made a few years before this one by the same company. But if there was one before this let me know!

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