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Vanguard Loop1 1981 SNK Mame Retro Arcade Games

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Played to Vanguard Loop 1 SNK 1981.

1. Vanguard 1981 – (Loop 2)
2. Vanguard 2 1984 – Not yet available.

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  1. Freddie Mercury classic in this game. Energy, attack of the hawk men from the film flash Gordon .

  2. I used to play this with a friend; I steered, he fired. Fed a lot of quarters into this game. : )

  3. I have only played this game on the Atari 2600 and after watching this video makes me wish i had a chance to play this in a arcade some where.

  4. If I didn't know any better, the intro music sounds like "Star Trek Next Generation" and the "Flash Gordon" the movie.

  5. I remember liking Vanguard back at the arcades and at my local convenience store. The only thing I didn't like about it was that Gond's scary laugh. I was hoping I could destroy him before he could start laughing.

  6. @philiptwood Yeah, it's a blatantly obvious rip off. Actually, the intro is from star trek the motion picture. STTNG didn't appear until about eight years after this game came out. The other tunes sound familiar too.

  7. @philiptwood Comments, arrrrrrise from the grave! Vanguard's power-up music is indeed Vultan's Theme (Attack of the Hawkmen) from Flash Gordon.

  8. @Wintericecrystal It's not ripped off. It was licensed.

  9. I'm kinda shocked…not only is it that short, but this is from the same company that would make METAL SLUG.

  10. i played this at the Glasgow Appollo when I was about 18… and consequently bought the Atari 2600 version. So its great to see the arcade version being played…you did a really good job and I got to see all the stuff I havent seen in ages… sweet.. thanks very much….

  11. Jeez, for some reason the music during the grub attack on the vertical part of the map has stuck in my head for the plast 30 years.

  12. cool, my cousin won a Vanguard tournament a long time ago

  13. One of my favorite games EVER! Thanks for the upload!

  14. Did you know this game has music from the 1980 movie Flash Gordon?
    See here:


    Listen at the 1 minute mark. Great classic movie btw! Soundtrack is done by Queen!

  15. Ah, memories of the arcade in the Chalmette (LA) cinema mall. At 15 years old, far too scared to talk to chicks, so hung out in the arcade playing classic video games like Vanguard!

  16. I guess this game is quite revolutionary for its time….. I was born in 81 actually.
    It's similar to Scramble but the level desing is much more original.

  17. Anyone know what the music @1:14 is originally from? It sounds like it could be from some ragtime piano theme..

  18. GOLDEN 7 CLUB wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  19. This was the easiest arcade game ever. I was able to play this right to the end stage on three lives. I couldn't do that with many other games.

  20. Can i play this game on the PC?

    I want exact this version, what atari version is it?

    I've found the 5200 version, but it isn't the same.

  21. This is what the 2600 cartridge was based on? A lot was certainly lost during the conversion. For an arcade game that's over 30 years old, it looks like a lot of fun. 🙂

  22. It is, and just like the arcade, it lets you continue until you face the first Gond.

  23. I used to play the arcade version of this way back in the day. There was one in the lobby of a local "Murphy Mart" which was a store like Walmart. We would go there at least once a week to chop for junk and I loved playing it. Even back then I knew the music was from Flash Gordon (I saw the movie in theaters when it came out and had the Vinyl soundtrack) lol

  24. I've never played the arcade version but I fell in love with the Atari VCS version recently. It's always interesting to see the experimental era of every genre before there were strict "laws". Very few shmups mix sidescrolling and vertical scrolling.

  25. I wonder if Luther destroyed the Gond is this version too

  26. Great game! I pumped plenty of quarters into this bad boy! lol

  27. Vultan´s Theme (Attack of The Hawk Men)…"Diiiiive!"

  28. I used to play this game at the Giant grocery store in Virginia Beach when I was 6 years old. Wow brings back some memories.

  29. I wonder if this was the first game with an invincibility mode? It wouldn't surprise me, since Ozma Wars was likely the first to use a health meter, and that was made a few years before this one by the same company. But if there was one before this let me know!

  30. I clocked this classic several times. Loved it back in the eighties

  31. One of my my favourites' when I was a young boy

  32. I hear that ENERGY music when I drink a lot of coffee!!

  33. The arcade on Forbes Avenue right above King’s Court Theater in Oakland on Pitt’s campus right above the Taco Vista. Vanguard. The only game Incoukd ever win.

  34. SNK's early shooters always had some pretty robust play mechanics for the time – look at Ozma Wars being one of the first games to have particularly thought out boss fights – and Vanguard's pretty fleshed out sense of progression and aiming mechanics follow up on what they'd already done nicely. However, I can't help but find how depressed the narrator sounds hilarious.

    "Rush attack…"
    "Bleak zone…"
    "Rainbow zone…"

  35. 0:20 not only does the game play VULTAN'S THEME (per the comment below) when you hit the "power up", but the opening theme is STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE.

  36. Its not exactly the hardest game in the world is it?

  37. I just set the record at Barcade for this game

  38. 0:21 thru 0:27 Star Trek Music Theme 0:29 thru 0:47 Vultan's Theme (Attack of the Hawk Men) Squadron 40……DIIIIVE! Second Wave….DIIIIVE!

  39. I loved this game as a kid because of the music. I could play piano by ear, and I remember replicating the music on the piano, especially the "energy" song.

  40. This game was featured in a Mormon commercial, inn the 1980's.

  41. The Mother of All Overhead Shoot Em Ups! Thanks for returning the lost memories!

  42. This was my favorite game back in the 80s

  43. At least in the Atari version you could hitch a ride on the snakes a couple of times for bonus points.

  44. The first piece of music before Vultans Theme, is star trek next gen theme. But that show came out in 86 or 87, so was this piece of music used in one of the early star trek movies? Or is this version of the game different? I have watched another vanguard video, no music at the start if the game! i see it is from star trek the motion picture. But that doesnt explain why it is omitted from some versions of the game.

  45. I remember playing this at Penn State. There was often a couple people wanted to play at once. Funnest game ever. Especially compared to homework.

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