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UNBOXING & LET’S PLAY – PANDORA 5S – 999 in 1 Video Games Arcade Console Machine

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Today we unbox and play with the Pandora 5S! This fun exciting arcade machine gives you the thrill of having an arcade machine in your very own house! For your own check out:

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  1. plz unbox PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 and tell price also plz

  2. the reason why mortal kombat is running so slow and laggy is because you have bootleg/clone console. Pandora’s Box 5 is made by 3A game and runs on a quad core processor. Unfortunately, you have a console passing itself off as the real deal but running on a single core processor.

  3. The Pandora's Box 5s does not exist. The true Pandora's box latest model is the 5 and has 960 games. Anything with more games or over 5 that cost less than $200 is basically a knockoff of a bootleg to begin with……besides true pandora boxes, specially the 5 have more processing power with a quadcore and 2gb of ram making every game even Mortal Kombat smooth

  4. Does the game console come in English I bought mine over seas & wondering if it reads in English or Japanese

  5. does this pandora 5s carry all the mario brothers 1 2 3

  6. Hey, I've ordered a model of the Pandora 5S that has 1220 games, and although the hardware is identical, I notice the rom list of mine is totally different from this one. Mine has unique games this one doesn't, and this one has unique games this one doesn't.

    I wonder if it's possible to change the rom load out from one Pandora to another. If you wouldn't mind, I'd like to run an experiment. Could you remove the micro SD card, dumb it's contents to a pc and send me a copy? I'm willing to do the same for you. I'd like to know just how the Chinese are making one Pandora different from another – I bet it's just the roms and nothing else. Please private message me if you can help. Thanks!

  7. So sick. Can't wait to get mine in the mail. Thanks for actually showing a bunch of the gameplay. So many other vids don't

  8. Hi, could you help me? It does not let me record with the avermedia I connect the hdmi of the pshedra to the svermedia and of svermedia to the TV and usb to the computer in the program that is in the computer and the imsgen only records 1 minute and freezes when recording or not Why will I be missing something? I already put a spliter and nothing, help me

  9. Some of these non 3A systems have no cooling fans, so after some extended play, the board can overheated and become dysfunctional.

  10. Não entendi nada o que esse bixo falou…

  11. Se puede configurar botones, dificultad, etc.?
    Gracias se ve genial

  12. can you add more games in this console?for example the mortal kombat 3 and how you can do it?

  13. Fake odear open it up and you should see a coloured little box with pandora on it with built-in fan this just has a circuit board which over heats and runs bad or they don't run at all

  14. the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle game was not the one you played at your friends on the NES it was actually the Arcade game

  15. Super Mario Brothers was a arcade game back in the 80s also….Learn your history…..Good video tho 💯

  16. the games are in wide screen? chopped or stretched screen?

  17. Good looking bro, this was my deciding factor! I just ordered one, it'll be here in a few days! 👊✌️

  18. What a terrible review. Its not even a Pandora's box but a knock off clone instead.
    How about showing the insides of the control panel?.
    Quality is terrible. buttons and joysticks will turn to mush in a few months time.
    System struggles to even run mortal kombat with the amount of gameplay lag you showed us.
    Thumbs down for this video

  19. Do you know how to save my game advance ?

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