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ULTIMATE $100 Arcade Cabinet Build

Toasty Bros
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After nearly 2 years, we are glad to bring you our $100 Custom arcade cabinet. While this isn’t a typical budget PC build, this is something you can make with a Rasberry Pi or even some old PC hardware you have lying around!

🖥 Parts List 🎮

✅Raspberry Pi Model 3 – (purchased for $24 on promo)
✅Wood – Plywood Sheet (Local options)
✅Monitor – Basic 720p Display (avg price $30)
✅Joystick Set – $40
✅RGB Strip –

Total Spent – $105

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20% coupon code for software: TB20
Office 2016($27):
Office 2019($47):
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  1. Seth Rogan after smoking weed could have done better

  2. Awesome arcade cabinet! Kudos to the both of you. I just started drawing a blueprint for a larger “console” (Xbox/playstation/switch) arcade cabinet for my living room. This video inspired and answered a few questions that have been in the back of my mind. Thanks so much and again good job!

  3. but the hinges are facing out? lol Sorry just had to be smart… nice vid

  4. no relief cuts at the beginning. triggered me hard hahajaha

  5. Builds arcade to play console games 😂

  6. I assume that was Seth Rogen on the right at the intro🤭..

  7. Holy moly, I swear I thought the dude on the right was Seth Rogan Lol

  8. 100$ good joke, there are missing a lot of things, like wood, glue, colors, amplifier, speaker, hinges, plexiglass, sticker, power adapter…

  9. I am glad I am not the only one who sees the buttons. FYI I built an arcade cabinet for 100 dollars. Learn what you are doing. It wasn't as sloppy as this video shows. I got a legit looking arcade machine with T-molding and everything.

  10. Do u need a workshop for this?

  11. It makes you wonder why companies like Corsair don’t have cases like this for use of computer parts in arcade cabinets.

  12. TB can you show us how to create coin box for this creation please and thank you

  13. You got my subscribe by the Kentucky Basketball shirt alone!

  14. I'm thinking MDF would work better than plywood. Has anyone tried that?

  15. You think i have money for all of your tools? 100 bucks my ass

  16. Nice. Sadly, unless a person has access to the power tools required to do this, its not cost effect. $100 for the cab parts, $1000 for the power tools. Might be a good way to justify power tools that could be put to use on future projects.

  17. you made the 6 buttons wrong… usually on the arcade they were or horizontal or ascending.. not descending. anyway good work!

  18. I would have sanded the cabinet and used wood filler to seal any imperfections then sand again, then use a decent primer or clear coat and then paint. Also would use a bluetooth adapter to be able to use wireless controllers if so desired.

  19. Did anyone notice that the buttons are curved the wrong way 😂😂😂

  20. that voltage drop icon on the Pi screen is triggering

  21. Didn't know seth rogan built stuff on youtube

  22. Very cool, I know what I'm doing this month

  23. Btw you don't even need fancy tools to do this. The tools here cost way too much. You just need a drill (with the right drill bits for the button sizes) and two manual handsaws, one for straight and one for the curves.

  24. I tought the guy on the right was set Rogan.

  25. WHY is the button layout upside down?

  26. The fuck is Seth Rogan doing getting into the videogame business?? Lol

  27. 0:00
    Me: they are using a Raspberry Pi!
    Other people: how do you know?
    Me: undervoltage warning in the upper right corner of the screen…

  28. Basically if you go to thrift store, get a $20 screen, $10 amplified speakers, and maybe a computer stronger than Pi for $20, then yeah, I could see a cheap bartop coming in under 100 if buy the cheap lumber.

  29. Alex Winter and Seth Rogen doing DIY builds?? EXCELLENT!!

  30. Great job guys!
    Too many arcade cab vids show pro/semi-pro/prosumer type woodworking guys with dedicated shops and suite of tools, who do time consuming precision detailing with T molding and other details
    Nice to see an arcade cab build by and for Joe Blow working guys with limited time, space and tools to do a build.
    Great job using leftover/scrap parts

  31. AS far as finishing/painting, sanding the surfaces might help hide the grain and give a more finished look for low cost vs custom coverings
    Also, local Mom & Pop dollar stores often have large cans of spray paint for $1-$2, as we have around SE MIchigan, often name branded paint
    Some of the paints I've seen are textured, which would also cover woodgrain. ALso primers are available
    Kilz is designed to remove surface imperfections
    Sanding sealer is another option for filling wood grain. Sanding sealer is often used for model rockets and planes to fill balsa woodgrain prior to paint
    Of course finding scrap MDF and/or finished plywood on the curb is a win too

  32. The Amazon buttons and joysticks that they put looks different to the ones they used. Why is this?

  33. $100. Minus all the free materials laying around. 🤦‍♂️

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