Trapped Inside His Own Game, Man Must Beat The Game To Get Out -

Trapped Inside His Own Game, Man Must Beat The Game To Get Out

Scifi Recapped
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Sam misses his father, a virtual world designer, and enters a virtual space that has become much more dangerous than his father intended. Now, both father and son embark upon a life-and-death journey.


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  1. thanks for recap this movie
    this movie make me remember all the good old time

  2. Man, I was a fan of this movie, still am to this day I wait though.

  3. The light-cycle scene is always my favourite

  4. Im not gonna lie every time im on my way to school i imagined my self riding tron bikes

  5. Finally I was waiting for this video to come out

  6. Imagine the army succeeding and meeting Abram tanks and Aphache helicopters aswel as Ac130 obliterating them in the real world

  7. If anyone if the future makes a commercial lightcycle they will be the richest

  8. I watch tron 1 or something like that but this new tron I didn’t know exist

  9. and after that quora has an exestential crises when asks about this "new" world cause it also seems like a game in itself.

  10. Holy shit, when I was younger my parents were watching this movie late one night. I woke up from a shitty dream and went downstairs, because I saw em watching TV, they let me watch the whole rest of the movie with them and didn't send me back to bed.

  11. In my opinion Tron: Legacy is one of those underrated movies that is a hidden gem. I'm just surprised they didn't made another sequel.

  12. People: Are reading the tittles

    People who make extreme demon in Geometry Dash: SWEATING

  13. The AI voice couldn’t pronounce CLU right

  14. Guys actually watch this one the soundtrack is Daft Punk’s Masterpiece

  15. Screw the critics! thats why this movie didn't had a sequel

  16. I used to play tron legacy on psp when I was a kid that shit was a banger I wish they bring some sort of online pvp tron game shit would fly off the shelves

  17. NPC characters just like in video games 🎮🕹😳

  18. One of the first movies I watched when I moved to the US. As a kid I had a crush on Quorra.

  19. I loved this movie I wachted it as a kid and then 10 years later and it still sick today!

  20. The way u say C-L-U🤯🤯u could literally just say Clu Instead of C-L-U

  21. Also it's kinda like jumanji but futuristic

  22. I cannot express how happy I am good job bravo

  23. Can’t believe the lead guy is Emma Roberts baby daddy now.

  24. It's kind of sad that they canceled the TV show for Tron the first episode was released and it's amazing.

  25. I had to stop when he called Clu: See El You.

  26. Man when i saw this Movie , I'm blown away, even till date i would love to own those insane bike though if they ever existed one day

  27. The music alone makes this movie a must watch! Daft Punk killed it.

  28. This movie is one of the first SciFi movies I watched and never forgot. Thanks for sharing

  29. Basically father, son and spirit saving a corrupted world, zeus was also there and something about love.

  30. Watch tron uprising an animated prequel to this movie made in 2012 it's only one season and also very underrated. The drawback is that it's only one season. It's also animated by the dude that does Gorillaz animations.

  31. Not anywhere, in the entire grid did I see a bathroom. What if you gotta pee or poo?

  32. HEY BRO!!! I like your Recaps but THIS Recap you did not mention alot of important things. I give this recap a NEGATIVE

  33. Me realising it's my favorite movie in my childhood: I still remember you😭 🥲

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