Top Video Arcade Games of the 80's -
Video Arcade Games of the 80’s

Top Video Arcade Games of the 80’s

Today we enjoy thousands of virtual toys. But how did it all start? Here is a list of video arcade games of the 80’s. The pioneers of their time.


A famous shooter of 1981. You are the only starfighter who dares to challenge the mighty forces of aliens. Coming from the above and sides, they want to tear you to pieces. Thwart their plans and destroy every spaceship they have! Initially created for arcade machines, it is now available on SG-1000, PC, and other platforms.

Frogger, 1981

Welcome to a classic of the golden age. Players control a frog that makes its way across roads and rivers. Avoid an array of fatal obstacles and bring the creature home. Turning into a sensation, it was transformed into a console, selling 20 million copies.

Donkey Kong, 1981

Being Nintendo’s first breakout hit, it introduced 2 legendary characters. A villain monkey and a juggernaut Mario. The latter strives to save his girlfriend and not to get hit by the monster. Climb, jump and collect bonuses in this pop-culture marvel.

Scramble, 1981

One of the first scrolling shooters. Jump into a futuristic space jet and destroy alien ships on your way. Collect fuel and don’t bump into terrain. The game features 6 levels with different surroundings and challenges. Stay alive as long as you can and make the best score.

Mario Bros, the Leader of Video Arcade Games of the 80’s

The 8-bit glory was released in 1984. The objective is simple – destroy the creatures coming out of the pipes. Jump and throw them into the water. Do it quickly, or fireballs will come out and attack you. Collect coins and points. The adventure is not colorful or full of personalities, but it is a classic of the genre.

Paperboy, 1986

Drive a bicycle and deliver newspapers. What can be easier? Parkour your way through the streets and vandalize non-subscribers. A cabinet perspective view was a brand new feature in such virtual toys. The second part was released in 1991 for home computers and consoles.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in Time, 1987

This badass beat-him-up adventure is based on the popular cartoon series. Up to 4 users fight enemies across New York City in the multiplayer mode. The toy was a blast due to its exciting cooperative gameplay and spectacular power attacks.

Enjoy the list of video arcade games of the 80’s. They are as much fun to play today as they were more than 20 years ago!

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