Top Ten Arcade Games of the 1980s -

Top Ten Arcade Games of the 1980s

The K-Dawg
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Take a walk down memory lane with me as I count down my favourite games from the 1980s


  1. name game with soldier blue in 0.51 ? saludos!

  2. Nice 🙂 My fav is Top Landing though – 1988

  3. thank you, that was brilliant, I just showed my four children and they are totally ripping me for how bad the games were when I was a child but like I informed them, if it wasn't for that there's no chance you'd have the quality of games we have today.
    I personally think ghosts n goblins should have been a little higher on the list but it's your list so it's cool.
    do another one based on arcade conversions or something similar.
    also, outrun.

  4. Star CastleDefenderBerserkMoon CrestaTron

  5. one of my favorites was blasted. going around a building shooting stuff trying to stop aliens

  6. SO grateful I grew up in the 70's and 80's…awesome time to be a kid…;)

  7. Love that you made the Don Bluth games number one…kudos…I was amazed by them as a kid, and they inspired me to grow up to be a cartoonist professionally…I even created a Family Guy spoof of Dragon's Lair, which the writers of the actual series screened and 'couldn't get enough of'…have a look, you might enjoy it too…and thanks for the well done and entertaining list vid…

  8. What about asteriods and pacman? those games were huge when they came out since many people poured lots quarters in those games as i did when i got my paycheck!

  9. I'm more late 1979s early 80s. Donkey Kong. Donkey Kong jr. Pacman .. Defender. Vanguard . Zaxxon . pole position and turbo. Just to name a few.

  10. Im trying to find out a name of a Arcade game I played in the early late 80's, I was thinking the name was Death Race but I think I'm wrong, the game was similar to Jackal, you would being in a small city with buildings and streets, and you would drive around in a armored car, and run over the enemy who where running around in and out of the buildings, the player was able to stop his armored car and get out and walk around and shoot the people on the street, and enter the buildings, if anyone has any info on this game thanks.

  11. Hey man, could you please tell me the name of the arcade game at 5:32? I really want that…

  12. I need to hook up my Commodore 64!  Great vid, man!

  13. Ah happy days in the arcade. BUT Dragon's Lair no way! What about Gauntlet with 4 players. epic..

  14. I liked some of the classic Taito games: Front Line, Elevator Action, Jungle King, The Legend of Kage. These were staples of my visit to Gameland in Lake Geneva, WI. Sega's Golden Axe was also a force to be reckoned with. {cheekoo cheekoo chock chock tonk)

  15. great list!!! I feel some bad comments coming my way but I don't remember Ghosts and Goblins in the arcade.

  16. Exciting Hour?? Wasn't it called Mat Mania?!

  17. one thing for sure is everybody likes something differentbut I can respect your list .

  18. i was looking searching spy hunter but forget name thanks i got it on no 7 save my time

  19. guys help!!

    there was a futuristic 3rd person shooter, that could be played in coop. your charachter had a armor on, you entered labyrinths, shooting stuff.

    very distinctive detail, your armor had a light, and you had limited time. when you are running out of time, light would turn yellow and flash slow, then red, with a heartbeat sound. you had to pick up "energy" to prolongue your life.

    also, goal of every lvl was reaching a floor elevator that was red/white.

    if anyone can help, it would be SUPER appreciated, this is driving me mad for decades now.

  20. I want to know the name of a game where a guy with a helicopter cap goes inside caves sone of them incandescent, he could leave bombs to explode some walls

  21. Pretty good list although only a couple on here I might put on my top ten Double Dragon and Gun Smoke,
    but my list would probably look more like this, zaxxon, omega race, bubble bobble, robotron, wonder boy 2, bosconian, time pilot, 1942, tempest, and super off road.

  22. I'm 40 years old. This was my childhood. My favorite games were more from the 90's though.

  23. No list here is wrong. They had so many different games for all tastes back then. I'll try to go from oldest to the end of the decade what I was playing. Donkey Kong and Jr….Karate Champ took me over for a while people hated losing to a ten year old…..Front line was awesome cause of it's unique but large control and you could hop in a tank before Ikari warriors hit. Joust took a ton of my quarters. Hyper Sports (Track and Field sequel) as well. And after all that, a game of air hockey or pool with my dad for waiting on me.

  24. So many great games in the 80s i wouldnt be able to make a top ten list. A few games not on this list that stand out for me are, Starforce, road fighter, Bomb Jack, Kung fu master and i could go on. The music and sound effects from this era were just amazing. Great times

  25. Nice on #1 pick. First time I noticed this game eyes went wide open while drooling and wasn't leaving until I beat it. Was also the first time I cut out of school. I did beat it with-in an hour or so. I never did play it again after that one day.

  26. Também vivi intensamente essa época . Foi muito bom. Segura essa lista
    1. Pac Man
    2. Final Fitgh
    3. renegate
    4. punch out
    5. adventure Island
    6. Tiger black (very good)

  27. Captaintrips2017 I agree im a old Skooler arcade video games head myself!!! But what about TRON You forgot to mention!? Teenage mutant ninja turtles, Rygar, Kung Fu, Shinobi ,Dig Dug, centipede, Defender, asteroids, Pole Position, Frogger, life force, and can't forget about Pac-Man and Miss Pac-Man, Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong jr., Popeye, Castlevania, Russian attack, Im running out of breath😧but these are just some of my favorite games I played when I was a arcade fanatic😊 back in Da days of the 1980'S my man!!!😂

  28. What game was that. Looked like a diagonal space shooter. Guy rides on a hovering vehicle. No not RETURN OF THE JEDI. but similar to the Endor forest.

  29. A top ten list without Pac-Man? Are you kidding me?

  30. Cliff hanger was a great game as well.

  31. Loved Ikari Warriors. Can't believe Street Fighter didn't make your list. Man I blew cash on that.

  32. super srpint, karate champ track and field gouls and ghosts, ninja gaiden, kung fu master, Arkanoid, 1943, double dragon, Maybe

    Dragons lair looked cool, but meh…

  33. Dragons Lair wasnt really a video game. Just a memory game. Great graphics though. Good call on ghosts and goblins never got its recognition. Outrun and track and field better than most on his list

  34. hi, could you help me I am looking for an arcade game where a character moves around the roof of palaces fighting with mechanical animals. I do not remember the name. Could you help me?

  35. Wow been looking for the name of the Jackal game as i remembered it as top gun which of course led me to Tom Cruise's flick inspired arcade game

  36. hmm I grow up in Seattle in the early 80's there's only one game I played of your picks, it was Galaga game, all the rest I didn't play.

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