Top 60 of the best arcade horizontal shoot em ups. -

Top 60 of the best arcade horizontal shoot em ups.

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Best arcade horizontal shooters ,best arcade shmups / arcade side scrolling /shoot em up games of the 80’s & 90’s.
Listed in no particular order,it’s just 60 recommendations / ideas.
Some games I couldn’t get to work so aren’t included.

Some other games;

Death smiles
Salamander 2
Border down
Cotton 2
G Darius
Sexy Parodius
Strike force
Fantastic journey
Life force
USAAF mustang
Cobra command
Bio-ship paladin
4D warrior
Sky kid
Super cobra
Terra force


  1. pls can someone tell me a game where you have to kill a nurse/doctor with a giant syringe

  2. Help find the game. Played about 30 years ago (~1992). Vertical shmups. The spaceship is similar to xevios, but the background is at first simple dark with the stars? Further the background as if over the big spaceship or base flies (yellow/sand color), there start spaceships on the runways. Similar to Omega Fighter but not. The player's ship has lasers, and a sight for missiles that shoot at the bunkers (like Xevious). All spaceships are small. Remember enemy little ships shooting with a flamethrower. Arcade cabinet ordinary, a little old type, coloring dark tones. I've been looking for a long time. Revisited a ton of games, can't findRevisited a ton of games, can't find.

  3. What about G Darius, Darius 1, Saint Dragon, Space Odyssey, Gradius 4, Lock on, Life Force/Salamander, Salamander 2, Terra Force, Turtleship, Deathsmiles, and Ironclad? Those are some good Horizontal shooters.

  4. Hey man, I've been looking for 2 of these games for about, more than 15 years. Thank you so much for the list. Feels like my life is completed a little bit more.

  5. Is there another game like Boogie Wings that you know of? I remember playing a similar game as a kid but this doesn't seem to be it (This one's super bizarre haha)

  6. Does anyone know a game where you Fly a plane with a Propeller. And you See the guy in the plane and its kind of like super mario levels like??

  7. There is a game like blazing star 13:00 but it had like a robot flying fish boss like same kind of art style cant remeber the games name or maybe it is blazing star idk. If anyone has any idea please let me know or clip of it.

  8. There was this game where players use a mechanical serpent dragon snake to destroy enemies, and the boss enemy on lvl 1 is a mechanical flying bull.
    Anyone knows the game title, pls let me know.

  9. I was looking for Heavy unit for about 30 years, I didn't know the name, I just remembered stuff from the first stage, this is the first video that featured the stuff that I remembered and thanks to that I was able to know the name of this game after all these years, thank you very much!

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