Top 30 of the best arcade top down - shooter / run and gun games -

Top 30 of the best arcade top down – shooter / run and gun games

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Best arcade top down shooters , MAME overhead shooters, top down run n guns.
Commando/Ikari type games.

Games in video;

Shock troopers
Victory road
Ninja commando
Time soldiers
The real ghostbusters
Sega ninja
Out zone
Ikari warriors
Guerilla war
Jail break
Shock troopers 2
Gain ground
Heavy barrel
Gang busters
Search and rescue
Desert assault
Escape from the planet of the robot monsters
Gauntlet 2
Desert breaker
Bloody wolf
Soldier girl amazon
Alien syndrome

Some other games;

Cannon spike
Chaos heat
Legend of valkyrie
Smash TV
Total carnage
Gauntlet : Dark legacy
Gauntlet : Legends
Nitro ball
Speed rumbler / Rush & crash
Super stingray
Mister viking
Metal soldier Isaac 2
Labyrinth runner
Chrono soldier
Devil world / Dark adventure
Garyo Retsuden

Other similar type games;

Heated barrel
Ikari III
Crack down
Magic crystals
Dead connection


  1. I found it! One of my My childhood games. Commando was amazing. I look back and cherish the memories my brother and I had with these amazing games like Cammando, MK2, Street Fighter 2, double dragon 2, Donkey Kong country, Michael Jackson moonwalker, battle toads, command and conquer red alert, GTA 2, Mario, i could go on.. when the box tv's had 3 channels.. cd walkmans were a thing I'm only 23 and it makes me sad that I can't relive these memories.. Simple times. I'd do anything relive it all again, life was good.. been gaming for 17 years since I was 6 or 7 :0 crazy to think about.

  2. i need some help to find a game, it was up to 4 players, and you were some kind of gangster, with a nice suit, and a hat, all i remember is that you could pick up guna from the ground to kill the other gangsters or idk what they were, and that you could shoot courtains and hide behind them, also you could dodge bullets, like do a roll on a side

  3. Mercs was such a great game. Had a really cool level up/squad system

  4. Too bad you used the censored version of Shock troopers. The best top down run n gun ever

  5. The perfect video to help you choosing good games on MAME, among a lot of games ! Thanks a lot !

  6. Arcade games missing:

    1. Berzerk
    2. Black Widow
    3. Front Line
    4. Gundhara – Jūdan Arashi
    5. Gun.Smoke
    6. Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker
    7. Robotron: 2084
    8. Sheriff
    9. Smash TV
    10. Total Carnage

  7. Thank you !!! Good times !!!

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