Top 20 Arcade Game Review 1975 to 1979 - MAMECADE -

Top 20 Arcade Game Review 1975 to 1979 – MAMECADE

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Top 20 Arcade Game Review by Mamecade. Breaking down the best Top 20 Arcade Games of the 1970’s. A time when computer pioneers were creating a video game industry. This is a list of the Top 20 Arcade Games from number 20 to 11.
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Music: “Stringed Disco” – Kevin MacLeod. Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0”


  1. Back in the late 70's. there was a "Computer Space" machine for sale at the second hand place. I grinded my parents relentlessly, but Dad wouldn't go for it. I still remember the metal flake paint job, and odd shape!!! Someone on Vancouver Island probably has it still, I hope!

  2. Video Game System 1970Not Real Great video game.Atria not Beat and Sound good.Nintendo 2d 8bit 1985Super Mario

  3. As promised 1975 – 1979 part 1.
    Be sure to comment on your favorite arcade games and its year to try to make it to the future installments of my Top Arcade Games by Year series.

  4. Awesome list, with lots of favorites but also really cool to see some early games that I know like NOTHING about!

  5. This video was really good…the arcade selections were spot on…my brother and I were spending our lunch allowances on many of those beasts shown here…great arcade times for sure when many were more simple than now !

  6. Love the background stories about those years, the moonlanding, etc…please make more about the early 80's

  7. Great stuff! I'd really like to play Fire Truck on the real machine. Looks like a blast!

  8. Very interesting list of old arcade games. I never heard about many of these games, and some look better than the bitmap based classics that followed them a few fears later.

  9. Great video John! And Fire Truck! Oh man it has been many years having not played this one. I used to enjoy going to one of our local Bowling Alleys who had one. Also John wanted to ask you about a arcade game i remember playing years and years ago that used a projector screen and you sat in a chair with a steering wheel driving in a old F-1/Rally race style cars that were shown on the screen like a old movie. Maybe i dreamed this game or not but i sure remember it as it was very loud for my very young ears lol. Do you remember it or know of it? It would be a great help if you do. : )

  10. Good work  mate,loved it 🙂 cant wait for the next parts 🙂 and good to see you back 🙂 !!hope all is well with you :)!

  11. I'm sure number 1 and 2 are Space Invaders and Asteroids. 🙂

  12. Really awesome video! I wish I was around to play some of these games, now I'm lucky to find space invaders. Very jealous.  =)

  13. Have you ever heard of "TANK 8" by Kee Games? It's 8 players…crazy for 1976.

  14. The game Super Bug looks like it was the inspiration for the game Autoduel. I only knew Outlaw and Night Driver on the 2600 & didn't know they were arcade games! A lot of these games I haven't heard of except for Lunar Lander, which I've only played on the 80 Games in one for PC. I don't have an opinion on the games you've put on the list & don't remember any games from that time period (except Galaxian & Space Invaders). All I can say is that you've done an incredible job with the narration and putting the video together. Nicely done!!

  15. Like the series, sadly I can remember some of these games 🙂 There was a racing game that I used to play heaps with my friends that had four wheels and a figure eight type of track, B&W display.

  16. Wow. I never thought about games past the 80's, which is the most talked about decade. After seeing this video, I'm now interested in seeing what the gaming scene in the 70's was like. Great video.

  17. Born in the 70's,but i never thought to much of arcade titles from that period.By today standards they seem so simplistic to me.

  18. Love ur vids as always pio! Don't remember many machines until the 80's but sone of these (lunar landing) look sweet!, and probably still very playable 2day…

  19. Its sad arcades are disappearing, as a kid I loved going to play at the arcade. In my city there used to be 4, now there is 0.

  20. Nice list indeed. Hope you will move on to the 80's later and end up to the 90's.:)

  21. Have to say Basketball on Atari 2600 looked bad, but controlled and played great! Night Driver on the 2600 was definitely a improvement from what I see. Great video about the way. Happy gaming. 🙂

  22. I would suggest VIDEO PINBALL (1978), SPACE INVADERS (1978), BREAKOUT (1976), DRAG RACE (1977), 4 PLAYER BOWLING (1979), DEPTHCHARGE (1977), ASTEROIDS (1979), and GALAXIAN (1979).

  23. i like toooooooo much star wars official from '83. very realistic!!

  24. Great job my friend, Appreciate. Never saw these video games before.

  25. I would love to see arcade games from 1975 to 2000. ;D  That would really help !!

  26. awesome video man, but i never played any of those.

  27. Played fire truck many times as a kid. Great cabinet

  28. Remember some of those  driving games would give me little static shocks from touching the metal steering wheel

  29. I had the pleasure of playing Fire Truck once, what a weird game.

  30. I'm watching this because I am searching for one very specific video game that I cannot fully describe… I'm not sure if it was a true video game or an electromechanical game that had a TV or something. Let me try to describe it.

    The game was a standup cabinet that had a machine gun for a controller. Not the Uzi for the Operation Wolf game, I'm talking like a two-handed machinegun (A la the M2 or M1919) and when you played, they had a video of a patrol boat flashing across the screen and if you hit it (I don't know how it was aimed or anything. I must have been like 6 or 7 when I saw it) it played another video of the boat exploding.

    I need to make it clear, this wasn't an animation of a patrol boat, it looked like live action footage, and another live action explosion. Anyone got any idea what this could have been?

  31. I love playing classic arcade games from the 70's. I've loaded just about everything from that era onto a Super Retro-cade. Love the simple graphics and the nostalgia of all those classic games. Thanks, great video!

  32. It's interesting how it's hard to find 20 good games in this time frame. 10-15 certainly, but then we stretch to get to 20. #20 Safari is really crappy gameplay wise. Firetruck can almost be combined with Super Bug — as would Atari Football be very similar in implementation, timeframe and popularity with Atari Basketball. Some other possibilities that I would certainly rate higher than a few of the bottom five would be: Warrior (Vectorbeam, 1979 — cool concept), Space War (Cinematronic, 1977 – great history), and Head-On (Gremlin ,1979 – popular with many clones). Good video.

  33. Great video, as usual! But one slight error – Atari didn't create Kee Games because Atari wouldn't sign games exclusively to dealers – they HAD to sign exclusively with dealers. It was the standard in arcade games when Atari got into the business. Naturally, they were upset their often superior games (or at least being first in several game types) had to be pinned down with a specific dealer; thus, they crated the Kee Games "as competitor" ruse – if other manufacturers were ripping off their games anyways, why not get some of that action for themselves, which would allow them to license Atari games to some distributors, and slightly modified Kee Games clones to other distributors.

  34. That basketball game still looks pretty good IMHO. Sure it's no NBA Jam, but the graphics are still pretty slick for black and white graphics.

  35. and they all weighed at least 23000 lbs. I'm jk I have no idea

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