Top 100 of the best Arcade platform & run and gun games -

Top 100 of the best Arcade platform & run and gun games

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Best Arcade platformers / run n gun / action platforming games of the 80’s & 90’s (mainly)
Listed in no particular order,it’s just 100 recommendations / ideas.
I haven’t included single screen platformers such as donkey kong,Mario bros.,Bubble bobble,Snow bros etc. This list is about side scrolling games.
There are some games with annoying sound delays,and there’s a few games that i would’ve liked to include but couldn’t get to work.

Some other platformers/ run n gun games;

Dolphin blue
Haunted castle
Demon front
Psychic 5
Hard head 2
Galivan cosmo police
Indiana Jones
Psycho soldier
Dragon buster
Thunder jaws
Iron horse
SD Gundam rainbow
SD Gundam Psycho salamander
Rastan 2


  1. Thanks for the video. I finally found a game I was looking for 10 years now. Chelnov – Atomic runner

  2. Shinobi is a classic that game was recently ported to Nintendo Switch. Caveman Ninja, Metal Slug 1 and 2, are great as well.

  3. While theres many games on this list that i dont like, you definately had all of my top 10 all time favourites on this list. No other list has even had as many as 2 or 3 of my favourites

  4. "Freedom! Do or Die" is by far the best game on Steam!

  5. There is one 2d shooter game exactly like doodle army 2 with jetpacks and stuff
    please find that game for me if you can 😅

  6. I remeber there is a side-scrolling FPS arcade game but I forgot the name , maybe you know it

    The game is about fighting virus infected creatures , the human become like zombie or more like a walking carrion , the main character use rifle to kill those creature and report to the space station base, the space station is held by two anime style girl with cat ear , giveing main charact missions ; the story will lead you to a millitary-base/air-field? to destroy the final boss , the final boss is like a giant combination meat pill. After the mission , main character back to the space station , and found those two girl eye turned blood red and become very violent ,comfirmed infected , then both of them got shot to death ,the end.

    Trying to find this for a long time , hope some one can help

  7. thanks! Been looking for what Solar Warrior was called for years!

  8. What the name of the game after metal slug 2

  9. What's the game at 23:17 ? Can't figure out that fucking logo for the life of me. Looks like a black metal band lol

  10. Does anyone know an arcade game where there's a lot of doors elevators and enemies behind them it isn't a shooter or platformer I think you have to suck them in vacuum machine kind of thing or maybe you kill them by different traps or both

  11. loved the video but should of included what system!

  12. Thanks!!.. I was thinking I was inventing the game.. Psycho Nics Oscar


  13. The cliffhanger Edward Randy 🤘🤘😁

  14. i need some help to find a game, it was up to 4 players, and you were some kind of gangster, with a nice suit, and a hat, all i remember is that you could pick up guna from the ground to kill the other gangsters or idk what they were, and that you could shoot courtains and hide behind them, also you could dodge bullets, like do a roll on a side

  15. You wanted the best, you got the best: Metal Slug and Contra. 😃😃😃😃😃

  16. How have I gone this long as a huge Shinobi and Legend of Kage fan and have never found Ganryu (07:10) before!?

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