Top 100 Arcade "Coin-Op" Racing Games with original game sound -

Top 100 Arcade “Coin-Op” Racing Games with original game sound

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A personal list of top 100 games that define history of arcade coin-op racing games. Driving games from 1976 “280-ZZZAP” by Midway and “Night Driver” by Atari to 2017 “Daytona Championship U.S.A.” by Sega. Recorded in 1080p @ 60 fps. Games recorded with original in-game sound.

Una lista personale dei migliori 100 giochi che costituiscono la storia dei giochi di guida arcade da sala giochi, da “280-ZZZAP” di Midway e “Night Driver” di Atari del 1976 fino a “Daytona Championship U.S.A.” di Sega del 2017. Registrato in risoluzione 1080p a 60 fotogrammi al secondo. Giochi registrati con il suono originale.

Top 100 arcade racing coin op games list:

00:00 Intro
00:10 Datsun 280-ZZZAP (1976)
00:21 Death Race (1976)
00:36 Night Driver (1976)
00:52 Drag Race (1977)
01:10 Sprint 4 (1977)
01:29 Monaco GP (1979)
01:47 Monte Carlo (1979)
02:11 Speed Freak (1979)
02:33 Rally-X (1980)
02:55 Turbo (1981)
03:24 Bump’n Jump/Burnin’ Rubber (1982)
03:41 Pole Position (1982)
04:13 Change Lanes (1983)
04:34 Pole Position II (1983)
05:06 Spy Hunter (1983)
05:31 TX-1 (1983)
06:05 GP World (1984)
06:32 Road Fighter (1984)
07:02 Buggy Boy/Speed Buggy (1985)
07:31 Hang-On (1985)
08:02 Konami GT/Konami RF2 – Red Fighter (1985)
08:27 Championship Sprint/Super Sprint (1986)
09:04 Enduro Racer (1986)
09:36 Out Run (1986)
10:12 Wec Le Mans 24 (1986)
10:41 Continental Circus (1987)
11:17 Final Lap (1987)
11:50 Roadblasters (1987)
12:12 Super Hang-On (1987)
12:52 Top Speed/Full Throttle (1987)
13:25 Chase H.Q. (1988)
13:51 Chequered Flag (1988)
14:17 Hard Drivin’ (1988)
14:51 Hot Chase (1988)
15:19 Hot Rod (1988)
15:57 Power Drift (1988)
16:31 Winning Run (1988)
17:07 Big Run – 11th Rallye Version (1989)
17:42 Ironman Ivan Stewart’s Super Off-Road (1989)
18:12 Racing Hero (1989)
18:43 S.T.U.N. Runner (1989)
19:12 Super Monaco GP (1989)
19:42 Turbo Out Run (1989)
20:24 Cisco Heat (1990)
21:04 Race Drivin’ (1990)
21:47 Rad Mobile (1991)
22:20 Lucky & Wild (1992)
22:53 OutRunners (1992)
23:41 Virtua Racing (1992)
24:19 Daytona USA (1993 JP/1994 US-EU-WW)
25:05 Ridge Racer (1993)
26:02 World Rally (1993)
26:41 Ace Driver: Racing Evolution (1994)
27:28 Cruis’n USA (1994)
28:11 Ridge Racer 2 (1994)
29:07 Cyber Cycles (1995)
29:49 Indy 500 (1995)
30:35 Manx T.T. Superbike (1995)
31:15 Midnight Run: Road Fighter 2 (1995)
31:53 Rave Racer (1995)
32:42 Sega Rally Championship (1995)
33:29 Cruis’n World (1996)
34:10 GTI Club (1996)
34:50 San Francisco Rush (1996)
35:35 SCUD Race/Sega Super GT (1996)
36:23 Sega Touring Car Championship (1996)
37:12 Speed Up (1996)
37:52 Harley Davidson & L.A. Riders (1997)
38:33 Le Mans 24 (1997)
39:22 California Speed (1998)
40:03 Daytona USA 2 (1998)
40:50 Dirt Devils (1998)
41:25 Hyperdrive (1998)
42:13 Sega Rally 2 (1998)
42:57 Thrill Drive (1998)
43:13 Crazy Taxi (1999)
43:50 Emergency Call Ambulance (1999)
44:29 Ferrari F355 Challenge (1999)
44:59 Hydro Thunder (1999)
45:40 San Francisco Rush 2049 (1999)
46:25 18 Wheeler – American Pro Trucker (2000)
47:29 Wangan Midnight (2001)
48:16 Initial D: Arcade Stage (2002)
48:51 The King of Route 66 (2002)
49:35 F-Zero AX (2003)
50:03 OutRun 2 (2003)
50:50 OutRun 2 SP (2004)
51:39 Chase H.Q. 2 (2006)
52:21 GTI Club: Supermini Festa! (2008)
53:02 Sega Race TV (2008)
53:49 Sega Rally 3 (2008)
54:40 Dead Heat (2010)
55:28 GRID Arcade (2010)
56:07 Road Fighters 3D (2010)
56:56 Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Arcade (2011)
57:38 Mario Kart Arcade GP DX (2013)
58:22 Storm Racer G (2014)
59:03 Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5 (2014)
59:45 Cruis’n Blast (2016)
1:00:24 Daytona Championship USA (2017)

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  1. Wangan midnight and Initial D arcade stage i think is just the best arcade racing games ive ever played, still playing wangan till this day with the new installment of the series Wangan Midnight max tune 6

  2. List of arcade games I’ve played (or will play soon) and what console I’ve played it or will play it soon on:
    OutRun (Have played it on: Sega Genesis, MX2, and GBA)
    Pole Position (have played it on: GBA will play it eventually on: N64 and PS1)
    Crazy Taxi (will play The Catch a ride game on: GBA)
    Race Driver GRID (will play soon on DS)
    Cruisin USA (played it on N64)
    San Francisco Rush Extreme Racing (will play soon on PS1 and N64)
    Sega Rally (have played it on GBA but will play it soon on PS1)
    Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing (will play soon on DS)
    Virtua Racing (will play it on Sega Genesis)
    Hang-On (will play it on MSX 1 and Sega Master System)
    Ridge Racer (have played it on PS1)

  3. scusa, li hai emulati tutti tu? con quale emulatore?

  4. Looking for a game where the drivers and your partner could, literally, run alongside the car when it crashes and flips around. It was so surreal, but that's how I remember it
    anything?? dunno if it's the Outrun. i try to watch gameplay and none of those show what I mentioned. is it Outrunners??

  5. where's Need For Speed Underground and Carbon Arcades?

  6. Wow, I had forgotten the name of S.T.U.N Runner. Thanks for the refresher.

  7. lol the keyboard driving on games for steering wheel.. I can see the struggle is real.

  8. Legend … I spend a lot of my time in arcades sneaking out of the house at 1-3AM in morning so I could try get the highest score for the next day so I could try win 50 pounds with some of these games lol

  9. Awesome 👏 use 2 play on arcade experience was diff level but someone said buy pandora box n play all the games is true ?

  10. I

    HELLO …. YOU ARE GREAT! …. SORRY …. CAN I PLAY DEAD HEAT ON MAME? … could you tell me where to download it from … thank you very much!

  11. that's what i looking for to complete my racing game frontend

  12. Good video.. I really like the timestamps.. Makes it easy to come back to so I can add some of these to my favs list. Cheers.

  13. -Mad Dog Millionaire- BAD DOG BILLIONAIRE says:

    Out of all these racing games, what would be your top 5?

  14. Great video! SEGA and Namco are the kings of arcade racing games. I still wish SEGA would release SCUD Race/SEGA Super GT, Daytona USA 2 and a few others on console, as well as re-release Out Run 2 and SEGA Rally 1 and 2. If only they would be willing to pay whatever licensing fees are involved. Motor Raid and Ridge Racer V, which got an arcade release, would have been great additions to the video.

  15. Aweseome comp.

    There used to be a sit-down, coin-op racing game where you drove dune buggies and could shoot either red/yellow balls at your opponent. Any idea what that game is called? PLEASE!?!?

  16. Turbo Out Run looks bad, like an 8 bit game, no like arcade game

  17. Makes me laugh so hard that death race is one of the games that started the whole "Videogames cause violence" things then you look at it and go "seriously?"

  18. so many memories brought back to life cause since i spent so much time in the arcades when i was younger. Couldnt be on the casino floor in vegas so thats where i spent most my time being under 18-21. Too bad arcades are in decline now but those were the good times

  19. Wow, a lot of those Sega games aged really well!

  20. I've been watching arcade racing game videos trying to find one from my childhood, but can't seem to find it. Only details I remember is it looked like Dreamcast type of 3D, it was in Japanese, but every time you would reach a checkpoint, the announcer would yell it (CHECKPOINT!), and at the end of the race, it would should you either a drawing of a rabbit or a turtle depending on how you did. I can't seem to recall anything else and it's been haunting me for years lol

  21. Somehow I am not surprised to see Maxi5 on here. Greatest arcade game I know.

  22. Virtua Racing that what I was searching for… thank you

  23. Jogos que ficaram muito bons:
    49:36 F-ZERO AX (Sega / Nintendo 2003);
    50:03 OUTRUN 2 (Sega 2003).

    24:25 DAYTONA U.S.A (Sega / 1993 / Japan) foi um jogo que revolucionou graficamente, se comparado com os jogos de outros desenvolvedores lançados anteriormente.
    1:00:27 DAYTONA CHAMPIONSHIP U.S.A (Sega / 2017) deixou muito a desejar graficamente e as melhoras ficaram muito aquém do jogo lançado em 1993. Faltou profissionalismo e boa vontade dos programadores, os quais poderiam ter se empenhado e caprichado no jogo (lançado quase 25 anos após o antecessor 1993 / 2017).

    54:44 Graficamente, não gostei, mas achei engraçado terem colocado as fotos dos jogadores, kkkk.

    55:31 GRID ARCADE (Sega / Codemasters 2010) Magnífico, revolucionaram no gráfico!!

    Observação: faltou colocar nessa lista o clássico TOP GEAR (1994).

    Postado em 26/9/2021.

  24. My aunt to run a restaurant that had an 3-4 game arcade. I think was three. One was a car racing game I use to play all the time. My aunt would give me so many coins that I could play it for as long as I wanted. My father once suggested it as a method to learn some driving skills early on. Yeah right, I learned nothing about driving from it. One time he told not to hit the flag waving girl. I don’t think that was possible. Yet were times where you hit hit certain animals crossing the road, and as you couldn’t stop you so you would hit them like it or not and their flesh would splatter across the screen. That was gross. And my parents let me play it? My aunt saw nothing wrong with it. She knew it was my favorite pastime there. My aunt is dead now and I haven’t played the game in many years. I prefer horses over cars any day, but I played it for the thrill of it.

  25. 6:07: some people are surprised that there are a 64 bit arcade game in 1984!

  26. Chase HQ and Outrun are still classics today

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