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Top 10 ZX Spectrum Games

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The ZX Spectrum a popular 8-bit computer throughout the 80s and early 90s featured some amazing games including Bubble Bobble, Chuckie Egg, Gauntlet and many more more. Why not tell me your favourite ZX Spectrum games in the comments section below and please like and subscribe as there will be plenty more gaming countdowns on the way.


  1. eww I'll pass, SNES games are better then this.

  2. I wish this Sinclair dude brought the spectrum to the U.S. in a big way. Computers cost so much that I spent most of the 80s without one.

  3. Emlyn Hughes soccer, matchday II, bomjack, r-type, myth, robocop, booty, chuckie egg and target renegade, ahh those were the days 😁

  4. Good video! It will need to be updated now that Delta's Shadow has been released! 🙂 It has to be the best Spectrum game ever.

  5. Elite II & Robin of Sherwood.

  6. We all know the spectrum was the council estate rival to the commodore 64 all the poor kids would say it was better than the c64 but they never knew the truth because I wouldn't let that riff raff in my house. This was a piece of junk then and it's not worth a mention now. Work hard get a c64 🙂

  7. tomahawk, jumping jack, lemmings, dizzy (all series), a day in the life, magic carpet, elite, and so muuch more… I know, I'm old AF.

  8. Original renegade was the best, Chase HQ was well up there, one of the few games that didn't feel a massive downgrade.

  9. Have to say I preferred the original renegade everybody can be kneed in the privates and the moves just look like they hurt more.

    Mostly agree with your list though, I would have added Uridium, Firelord and Alchemist though.

    I miss my speccy.

  10. Funny, they look like poor monochrome knockoffs of the Amstrad versions 😉
    "Best version of Robocop", "bold & colourful" : are you kidding me ?
    Monochrome rainbows FFS ! You Speccy fans all need a trip to Specsavers 😛

  11. Star wars arcade was good but had no sound so it could run smooth! Green beret was also good, I forgot about Target Renegade but RoboCop was class!

  12. Robocop was good as was Rex, Paper Boy, Operation Wolf, Outrun and Ghouls 'n Ghosts.

  13. I would include: Where time stood still: one of the greatest games ever done

  14. Nope. I had a ZX Spectrum. I watched this for nostalgia reasons. I just can't do it. Its horrible. Brought back memories of long loading screens, flashing light bars, bitty music and random deaths. I ended up using my Spectrum as a fabulous door stop for years. I don't know where is now. I could do with another door stop.

  15. A good individual choice that I respect, but I would also choose 3D Death Chase, Dizzy and The Way of the Exploding Fist

  16. This is my top ten from my childhood. Not the best games maybe but the ones I enjoyed more, alone and with my brothers =D

    1 – Target Renegade

    2 – Jack the Nipper 2

    3 – R-Type

    4 – Cobra

    5 – Boulder Dash

    6 – Mission Impossible

    7 – Green Beret

    8 – Renegade

    9 – Ghost 'n Goblins

    10 – Arkanoid

    Another great games I keep fondly in my mind

    Bruce Lee

    Skool Daze
    Flying Shark


    Bomb Jack

    Arkanoid II

    Dan Dare



  17. Where is Jet Set Willy, Hungry Horace, Commando, Elitte, Ground Atack, A Day in the Life, Cookie….

  18. Elite is missing, outrage! Where is The Great Escape, Way of the exploding fist?

  19. I always loved road blasters but that’s never in anyone’s lists

  20. Everyone’s entitled to their choice. 🤷🏼‍♂️
    These certainly aren’t mine.
    I couldn’t pick just ten.
    Here’s some I’ve added.they’re not my ten but some of my favourite 😉
    Way of the exploding fist
    All Horace games
    Wild bunch
    Planet of death
    Maze runner
    Jet pack
    Ark of yesod
    Tir na nog
    Green beret
    And most of all shooting games 😁
    Hope this jogged your memory. If your 49 give me a shout out 👍🏻🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

  21. Yeah I still stuck in my uncles Hamptons court after all these years do you know how it feels to be exploited but he wouldn't know any thing about that know would he this comment has hit the orbit satellite by now…

  22. Disappointed not to see Paper Boy, Commando and/or Double Dragon in there

  23. Exolon, Venom Strikes Back, Batman, The great scape ….

  24. Eu tive o spectrum zx 148k que saudades desses tempos

  25. Bad choices for the first five, underworld? Hungry Horace

  26. Good list but it's a crime to miss out on The Great Escape, amazing game.

  27. I remember buying this for 4 k for my kids 30years back.😃they used to enjoy

  28. I loved Target Renegade! It was seriously addictive. I still play the speccy version on the Spectaculator emulator occasionally (when bored of modern stuff)

  29. Ah the '80s – where a game about a white male beating the crap out of women was a best seller

  30. "Decent port" for R-Type?? It's one of the greatest conversion of all time! And with only 48K!!

  31. No Head over Heels? 🤯

    Great selection regardless. Too many classics to choose from.

  32. No wonder why us kids had mental health with those noises.

  33. Target: Renegade is clearly what gave origin to Golden Axe trilogy for Mega Drive.

  34. Tau Ceti was my favourite ZX Spectrum game ever. And Pete Cooke my favourite ZX Spectrum games programmer. I used to keep an eye on new ZX Spectrum games by him, and bought many of them. Room 10 was another game I liked by him.

  35. advertisements from YT are too annoying

  36. Combat Lynx, Match Point, Match Day, Formula 1, Saboteur, Bomb Jack, Daley Thompsons Supertest, Frank Brunos Boxing, Airwolf, Fighter Pilot….But there were even more great games…

  37. Funny we're talking about ZX Spectrum, and the music is from Sonic's Labyrinth Zone.

  38. Must say I prefered the original renegade where you start off on the train platform

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