Top 10 Worst Video Games of 2021 -

Top 10 Worst Video Games of 2021
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These games were undoubtedly the worst to release this past year. We saw plenty of fantastic titles throughout 2021, but as with every year, there’s a handful that ought to be avoided. Our countdown includes “Destruction All-Stars” (2021), “Balan Wonderworld” (2021), “Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood” (2021), “Taxi Chaos” (2021), and more! Did you play any of these terrible games? Share your shame with us in the comments below. Promise we won’t judge!

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  1. Battlefield 2042 should have been on this list. Taxi Chaos's only flaw was the repetitive voice acting and should have either been demoted to a dishonorable mention or not mentioned altogether.

  2. How did NASCAR 21 Ignition not even get a mention?

  3. 9:16 how's was waiting to see GTA the trilogy the definitive edition

  4. You a clown for putting unite on here it litteraly has higher player base currently than LoL

  5. They made a new Popeye game?


    The sailor man deserves so much better than this. I know the perfect developer that would make an amazing Popeye game.


  6. Why does Taxi Chaos looks like a ripoff of The Simpsons Road Rage?

  7. glad they included shady monetization schemes as part of the criteria.

  8. bf 2042, gta definitve edition and forza horizion 5 are missing in the list

  9. Omg another video where the sound quality is just horrible. It sounds airy and hissy.

  10. So more than half of these didn't actually have poor gameplay, just a bad business model. Pretty good year it seems.

  11. How dare you, Destruction Allstars has 3 types gameplay that I like: parkour, vehicles, and destruction.

  12. I'm so glad you didn't bring GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition here, because this game series is a masterpiece. And it's good that there are also India games that are important to criticize as much as possible. And of course EA games must be present. Good job, very good job.

  13. The fact that there was only one dishonorable mention, and the only complaint about the #10 spot is repetitive dialogue goes to show that 2021 was a pretty alright year for video games

  14. I may have misheard. Did he call Bluto from Popeye Brutus? LOL!

  15. Literally the argument for Pokemon Unite:
    Costs too much for f*cking skins
    Made by a Chinese company that wants a profit
    The premium currency costs money
    btw Absol's holowear, at time of writing, can be bought in both Zirco Trading (which needs Aeos gems (the premium currency)) AND the Holowear Ticket exchange (which can be obtained for free in game).
    Pokemon Unite is my favourite game rn. At LEAST give a better argument as to why it's bad, other than "iT cOsTs tOo mUcH!!11!"

  16. I Never Played Nor Heard About Any Of These Games.

  17. i miss the age of AAA games only – no mobile ones, no shitty short games, no bland brain-dead kiddy games, no bullshit.
    players are the ones responsible for such a decline for wanting to play mind-numbing, short-thrilled, "visually appealing" games with no depth, no story and no heart. kids, grow up when it comes to entertainment. adults, teach your kids better. everyone else, no compromises and stick to your principles.

  18. No GTA Remastered??? Ummm ok.

    By the way Mobile Gaming ruined video games CHANGE MY MIND!

  19. I wouldn't say Pokemon unite is a terrible game. It's more the company itself is terrible. The gameplay is actually decent, and if you stay away from the predatory micro transactions, it can be a lot of fun.

  20. I miss the good old days of Harvest Moon RIP

  21. That taxi chaos game gives me ps2 era vibes, even the music, it reminds me of chicken little for the ps2

  22. Pokémon Unite money grab??? Please don't do drags

  23. I still play Crash On The Run, and it seems like some improvements may be coming down the pipeline. They've placed the seasons on hold and revamped the menus, which is hopefully the beginning of a major retooling. The gameplay is fine, it just needs a better loop.
    The "challenge runs" are some of the best levels, but you rarely have the incentive to play them more than once, instead you run the same (non-randomized) collection runs and copypasted boss runs repeatedly.
    The gameplay is fine, and it's something to play on the toilet if you're a Crash fan.

  24. Battlefield 2042 and Vanguard should be one of the worst games of 2021

  25. Pokemon Unite? I played it for 2 weeks and got most things unlocked. Maybe git gud

  26. GTA Trilogy: The Definitive (Defective) Edition

    Tbf they did just recently release some patch fixes. But there's still much more to improve on.

  27. This new guys voice is annoying and he speaks so slow.

  28. 𝕸𝖆𝖙𝖚 𝕸𝖆𝖗𝖉𝖔 says:

    Gta Trilogy DE Also sucks

  29. I’m surprised GTA the trilogy is not here

  30. Only one I played properly was crash on the run and gave up on that after a few days after realising how shit the grinding and cool-downs were. Also played destruction all stars for about half hour and deleted it

  31. "The same dialogue all over and over and over."
    What a bullshit argument. You could say you drive one person from one destination to another to another with the same responses. There was also this kind of game but with catching safari animals. Which was, do not be surprised, the same thing over and over and over and over again!
    (I also think that is kind of the taxi grind. You pick up people and almost everyone has the same story, visiting relatives, drive to their girl or boyfriend's house to make up, just got into a new study, got accepted at a university, etc etc. )

  32. all video games need to be banned. BRING BACK JACK THOMPSON

  33. 10 taxi chaos
    9 pokemon unite
    8 destruction allstars
    7 Arkhams horror:mothers embrace
    6 werewolf:the apocalypse earthblood
    5 crash bandicoot:on the run
    4 harvest moon:one world
    3 balan wonderworld
    2 popeye
    1 Efootball 2022

  34. Bro vanguard is much worse then battlefield.

  35. I will say this: you put Unite on this list, but you neglected BDSP. I played and enjoyed Unite for several months. Yes it is a cash grab, but it is at least fairly fun, and they made improvements. Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl on the other hand are bare bones, minimalist remakes that had the chance to make a great Generation better. Instead they kept a bunch of stuff that people hated from the original games, and while yes they made some welcome changes others were not. On top of that the "spend 60 extra dollars to buy both games if you don't have friends so you can complete the Pokédex" is the exact same crap as they pulled in Sword and Shield, but at least in Sword and Shield they gave two alternate gym leaders. The fact they still do the two versions and don't just make the extra Pokémon DLC is ridiculous. Add to that the fact that they are charging 150% of the cost or the DS games for basically a new paint job and it is quite literally a cash grab. The thing is, unless the consumers stop rewarding this behavior, there will be no reason for Game Freak to change. Yes, I know it was a separate company who made both Unite and BDSP that wasn't Game Freak, but it is still their IP and they still have the final say.

  36. When a free game makes the list it has to be REALLY bad

  37. Pokemon unite shouldnt be in this list period 🤔

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