Top 10 Times Video Game Characters Got What They Deserved -

Top 10 Times Video Game Characters Got What They Deserved
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Seeing these video game characters go down was so incredibly satisfying! For this list, we’re looking at characters who thought they were the coolest and the baddest to walk the Earth only to be utterly humiliated in the worst ways possible. Our countdown includes Pierre Le Fer “Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart” (2018), Benny “Fallout: New Vegas” (2010), Muggshot “Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves” (2005), Il Piantissimo “Super Mario Sunshine” (2002), Jinroku “Ghost of Tsushima” (2020) and more! Which other video game characters deserve to get wrecked? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Watch mojo is a good channel 👌👍

  2. Every Yakuza Villains Like Shibusawa in 0, Jingu in 1, Tamashiro in 3, Katsuragi & Munakata in 4, Iwami in 6, & Shono & The Mole in Judgment.

  3. you know, when I played Arkham Origins, I thought I was gonna have good time with the Electricutioner, but one hit and that was it, boy was I disappointed.

  4. Shao Khan may be a punching bag, but dude's got charisma for days. His constant failure is easily made up by how cool he is.

  5. Carver from Telltale's The Walking Dead Season 2. I love what Kenny did to him.

  6. Kai Leng with that Renegade interrupt in Mass Effect 3 ?

  7. There's like a ton more bad guys more fitting for this list, most of these guys are just random jerky characters that got some karma along the way like how does El piantissimo make number 7 when he does nothing more than have ego like many other character rivals in video games and they don't even explain why pierre deserves to be punished when they just he's evil so we should be satisfied that he got was coming to him without establishing why we would want to see that happen!

  8. I’m surprised Micah Bell or Edgar Ross aren’t on the list here.

  9. Jedah from Fire Emblem Echoes should have been on this list. He though that he and in faith in Duma was untouchable and that he could get away with every bad deed he's done in Duma's name including selling Celica soul and using her to kill Alm. However, thanks to Mila, Jedah is not only wrong in Valentia will die without the her and her brother's support but he dies face first in the poisonous swamp with Duma watching in the final battle. Jedah really had it comming thanks to his blind faith to Duma.

  10. And what about:

    Malcolm Betruger
    From Doom-Franchise (1993-)

    Form Duke Nukem 3D (1996)

    The Pig, Duke Truffe
    From Stronghold 1 (2001)

    King K. Rool
    From Donkey Kong 64

    Gary Oak
    From Pokemon Generation1 (1996)

    From Street Fighter 2 (1991)

    Shogo Akuji
    From Saints Row 2 (2008)

    Og Loc
    From GTA San Andreas (2004)

  11. Electrocutioner is gonna haunt me for the next 10 years.

  12. #3 predicted the plot of Spider-Man: Far From Home.

  13. junko enoshima wasn't on the list due to she enjoys what happened to her…
    She really is the Ultimate despair
    Though I wonder why didn't V3 Master mind didn't show on this list?

  14. You could say any GTA antagonist but I'd say Devin Weston from 5. Everyone picks Option C at the end because it's the moral choice. Trevor kidnaps him, locks him in the trunk of his own car, where the trio push it off a cliff with him inside and kill him

  15. Personally, I would've wanted to see Officer Tenpenny from GTA San Andreas and any of the gods from God Of War


  17. Top 10 Video Game Jerks/Villains that got away with everything.
    Example: Dalton from Chrono Trigger.

  18. 8:19 What do you expect? They have the voice of Rick Sanchez!?!?!?!

  19. It took you a few times to beat that purple little jerk it sunshine please there are better ways of beating him all you have to do is take little shortcuts and Bam you beat him like nothing

  20. 1.Salazar-Resident Evil 4
    2. Marta-Outlast 2
    3. Officer Pulaski-GTA San Andreas
    4. Neyla-Sly Cooper 2
    5. General Shepherd-call of duty modern warfare 2

  21. Garry Smith
    Tsuneo Iwami
    Jimmy Peggorino
    Hiroshi Kugihara

    Should be on the list

  22. Garrosh Hellscream was a racist psychopath that committed war crimes against innocents, and was to be tortured in the afterlife for the rest of time…

  23. A high percentage of the Uncharted bosses. I especially thought it fitting in Uncharted 2 where Lazarvic got pummeled by the Guardians.

  24. What about Chief Irons from Resident Evil 2 Remake??

  25. Evelyn from Resident Evil should be there

  26. Oooo Sly 3 is on the list? I love this even more

  27. Top ten classic arcade shooters ,(aliens Armageddon house of the dead time crisis duck hunt etc)

  28. Honorable Mentions:
    Michael Gideon (Trails of Cold Steel)
    Junko Enoshima (Danganronpa)
    Poseidon (God of War 3)
    David (The Last of Us)
    Zagi (Tales of Vesperia)
    Imposter (Among Us)

  29. Piston from the Borderlands 2 dlc campaign of carnage is a good one too, i had so much fun destroying that loud mouth

  30. Honestly, I'm surprised this list isn't longer

  31. Shadow Queen, Kefka, Elder Shroob Princess, and the Water Fiend from FF4: ARE WE JOKES TO YOU!?!

  32. Phillipe Loren, Saints Row: The Third
    He first greeted the Saints as being the chairman of The Syndicate (but has not said anything about him being the gang leader of the Morningstar) during "business negotiations" aboard a plane. In the mission "We're Going To Need Guns," Loren calls both The Boss and Shaundi, and starts gloating about Gat's death to them, and that they shouldn't mourn for him. This made Shaundi angrier, as she has had very deep feelings for Gat.
    During a raid on the Syn Tower in the mission "The Belgian Problem," an enormous steel ball suspended from inside the top of the tower, the cables snap with the Boss (and a Brute) on it, and when it dropped to the bottom, Loren was just leaving the elevator when he looked up… only to get crushed flatter than a pancake immediately after.

  33. I got angry about Zavok in "Sonic Forces"!!! as the 1st-boss of the game!!!😠

  34. My thoughts on this video:
    1. Rafe Adler: Uncharted 4 I don't know if he technically qualifies for this list since his motivations are based on proving that he s better than everybody else rather than thinking he's better than everybody else.
    2. I'm so happy to see Mysterio on a list. I've only been waiting to see that triple-health-bar-boss make a Watchmojo appearance for several years.
    3. The joke at 3:24 flew completely over my head as a kid.

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