Top 10 Light Gun Video Games -

Top 10 Light Gun Video Games
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Time to hit the arcades or dig out your old Zappers. Join as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 Light Gun Games. Check us out at , and . Also, check out the trivia section for this video:

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  1. Omg i finally found it Time Crisis 2 it reminds me of my childhood I live it one of my fav I used to play it with my brother :/ hope this one is on IOS too , thank you for the video

  2. CarnEvil, The Ocean Hunter, Zombie Raid, Crypt Killer, Beast Busters… Where are they??

  3. How about "The Ocean Hunters"?
    I agree with Time Crisis 2 as a number 1 BTW, remember playing level 2 boss battle when I was 13. I had so much adrenaline I was shaking afterwards. I miss those times.

  4. The lost world was better than half of ur list,And no vampire night?? Another shitty watchmojo list it seem

  5. Does anyone remember the swat game that had a machine light gun and you had to hide behind a shield? I don't remember the name, anyone know?

  6. It would be a dream come true if these light gun arcade games were remade and remastered for PSVR

  7. oh my god i finally found it ; virtua cop 2 i’ve been searching forever for it

  8. I think house of the dead due to the good static lighting

  9. Lovin the time crisis, wish TC5 would come to ps4 and ps5

  10. After watching John Woo movies I would put quarters in both sides of Lethal Enforcers, and play both guns at once 🔫🔫

  11. Te faltó unos, operation wolf ,y el otro es de un caza recompensas del viejo oeste donde aparecían indios esos si están juegos (◍•ᴗ•◍)

  12. Was I sleeping for Terminator 2 I don't think it was on here

  13. You made some XLNT choices here, but only giving Honorable Mention to "Area 51" and "Mad Dog McCree"? Sacrilege! Not to mention I must take offense at the complete ignoring of "Crime Patrol" and the 2 coolest mow'em down games ever: 1988's "Operation Thunderbolt" and 1994's secret-laden, Aerosmith-soundtracked masterpiece "Revolution X"!

  14. Some games nobody has mentioned yet. LA Machine guns 1&2, Rambo, Johnny Nero: Action Hero, Gun Survivor 2, Hogan's Alley, Wild Gunman, Last Bounty Hunter, Quick Draw, Operation Thunderbolt, Cheyenne, Crossbow, Chiller, Deadstorm Pirates, Let's Go Jungle, Let's Go Island, Ocean Hunter, Frightfearland, and my favorite, Revolution X.

  15. can we play on the same PS2 with two light guns? can both players is it at the same time in the same console?

  16. No light gun game will be better than The house of the dead

  17. I want to play virtua cop and carnevil on mame but all the roms i install have missing image errors.

  18. area 51 was the first with lucky and wild at a 5 cent arcade place that was big in the early 90s with time crisis 1, 2, and then added 3 good times

  19. VSSE (Time Crisis), AMS (House of the Dead) and VCPD (Virtua Cop)

  20. What about Maximum Force?

    That was a staple of my childhood

  21. I always used to play point blank at the arcade when we were on vacation with my brother
    good times

  22. Time Crisis 2 was the first Arcade game I completed when I was 10

  23. House of the dead 1and2 . Time Crisis 2.. . In our local arcade i still remember HOTD 1 played in like super huge monitor and everyone has ample place to line up and viewing.. and HOTD 2 played in normal arcade that we all know .. HOTD 1 is more popular in our place wayback

  24. You forgot about Crime Patrol. The graphics are great. I mean it’s literally real life graphics.

  25. That cop game didnt capture the whole body motion, it had a plastic rug with inner sensor that detected weight differences and pressure from crouching.
    The camera above the screen was to double check the correct position detected as a big colored blur inside a square limit by the software.
    I used to do technical repairs on that one, it was a failure system, such nimble arcade always had errors.

  26. 0:23 seconds what's the name of that game can someone help please

  27. The House of the Dead 4 is the best and creepiest!

  28. There was least popular one set in Egypt, with Mummies, scarabs and stuff

  29. No mention of CarnEvil or Area51 Site 4? Come on!

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