Top 10 Greatest Pinball Machines of All Time -

Top 10 Greatest Pinball Machines of All Time
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Top 10 Best Pinball Machines

Electronic pinball machines were all the rage from the 70’s through the 90’s, and they’re still beloved by fans of retro video games today. WatchMojo ranks iconic pinball machines that make us nostalgic for the glory days of the arcade.

List rank and entries:
#10: “Pin Bot” (1986)
#9: “Ripley’s Believe It or Not!” (2004)
#8: “The Addams Family” (1992)
#7: “Funhouse” (1990)
#6: “Revenge From Mars 3D” (1999)
#5: “Black Knight” (1980)
#4: “Tales of the Arabian Nights” (1986)
#3, #2 & #1: ?

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For this list, we’re ranking the most iconic and beloved pinball machines from the glory days of the arcade.

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  1. I'm looking for a bank heist themed pinball machine, you can collect "gold" coins to play extra game whenever you want. Never found it back…

    I just respect how imaginative you must be to create original mechanics, ramps, lightings etc to make a perfect pinball machine !

  2. Great list. Black hole was my favourite game in 1988-89 while studying science at Uni. Didn’t help my focus on astronomy … just saying. 🤣😎

  3. Funhouse is a seriously boring table, I wouldve placed Monster Bash on this list.

  4. Man I’ve seen a lot of top pinball machine video and a lot of them had medieval madness and attack from Mars but not one of them had black rose!

  5. And HOOK?? THE BETTER PINBALL !??? OUT !! 👎👎👎

  6. Unfortunately this was made before the led zeppelin pinball machine was made

  7. This hit me with a lot of memories I didn't even know I had haha

  8. I think black knight should be on here we’re fixing one up right now and it is an awesome game

  9. The place we would eat lunch at, in highschool had the addams family pinball…
    I put more hours on that game, than in school, I think?

  10. Anyone remember Banzai Run from Williams, it had that vertical playfield in the backglass.

  11. Having many of the games listed in my Pinball bank, My top 10 list
    1 Medieval Madness, 2 Indiana Jones, 3 Twilight Zone, 4 Theater of Magic, 5 Cactus Canyon, 6 Attack from Mars, 7 Addams Family, 8 Elvira and the Party Monsters, 9 No Fear, 10 Space Shuttle.

  12. couldn't agree more medieval madness is great! I'm a big fan of World Cup 94 and Dialed in as well 🙂

  13. I cant believe "High Speed" didn't make the list! not even an honorable mention! It was a classic, just as much as "PinBot" was!

  14. I'm aware that Centaur isn't on many's top 10 list, but for me it's the only one I would pay the price to own.
    It's unique speech that has kept popping up in my head since I was a teenager in the early 80's, it's unique colour scheme, it's haunting spooky dark design (is a masterpiece), the 5 ball multiball, the nudge draingate saver… yeah that's just the pinball for me.

  15. Addams Family at #8??? I call BULL$HIT!!

  16. Twilight Zone, Black Knight 2K, Terminator 2, Rollergames were also major hits! This should have been a Top 20 list!

  17. I got one that should have made the list: Earthshaker!

  18. What, no 'Twister'?!? It had a spinning magnet that caught the balls, a fan that blew at you during the game AND played Van Halen. That should've at least got an honorable mention.

  19. I more about PC pinball games, like the Windows XP classic demo known as Space Cadet.

  20. the best pinball isTerminator 2. this pinball canghe all.

  21. During the golden age of fighting games, I put my quarters up on the glass waiting to play M.K, The Black Knight 2000 would randomly do a cool light/sound show. I think it had a motion sensor because The Knight would taunt passerby ”GIVE ME YOUR MONEY!” It actually scared younger kids & took my money.

  22. They should have arcades again. It was fun for kids, and that one forty year old guy who hung out at the Street Fighter 2 cabinet, kicking everyone's ass with Chun-Lee.

    Now that they have routers everywhere, you could potentially play other people, instead of the computer. They could make a gaming card that you keep in the machine, like at casinos, and record all your data on it. Have prizes and stuff for players and everything is legit, because players can't cheat, having to use the same machines.

    That's how I would waste or possible earn more money, if I had a billion dollars.

    I'm sure something like this already exist in Japan.

  23. The Shadow, Demolition Man and Terminator 2 are three pinball machines I am missing from from this list.
    But the greatest of them all are Theater of Magic. Great to see it made it in to the thrird place.

  24. as i see, you are not familiar with this theme…how about Centaur, 8ball Deluxe, Xenon, Joker Poker, Gorgar, etc etc….

  25. Uh. Yeah. I understand everyone likes something different. And it often has to do simply with what you grew up playing because that's what was available to you.

    But seriously, not a single electro-mechanical game made the list? And you lose ALL credibility when you put Addams Family down the list at #8 and then explain that it's the best selling game of all time. Or in other words, just throw some crap on a list to generate controversy, comments and page views.

  26. Cirqus Voltaire is the most beautiful pinball machine ever made

  27. Fuck fun house, all my homies hate fun house

  28. I grew up with "The Black Hole", which my father's friends gave him as a birthday gift in the 80's. "Haunted House" and "Monster Bash" were great too and "Lord of the Rings". But Medieval Madness was indeed very addictive. In my opinion it made the quest system great. As a Star Trek fan, I loved the quests of the same machine.

  29. Champions Pub was a great pinball too. Wish i had one.

  30. I have a 1973 Gottlieb KingPin in near perfect condition.

  31. Terminator 2 is a top 3 machine easy! My personal favorite is World Cup Soccer

  32. Gorgar??? Where is Gorgar on your list??

  33. Dracula, Getaway, Pacman… I'm not even gonna go into the fact that Twilight Zone is an honorable mention, and Funhouse and The Addams Family are so high…

  34. I have had some fantastic plays on both Lord Of The Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean. Fireball anyone?

  35. Guns n roses, Terminator 2 and Elvira didn't even get a mention

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