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Top 10 Atari 2600 Games

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The Atari 2600 released in 1977 had some amazing games released for it including M’s Pacman, Joust, Defender, and many more Why not share your Atari 2600 Memories or favourite games in the comments section below. Also please like and subscribe as there’s plenty more Gaming countdown videos on the way.

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  1. الله يالدنيا كانت ذكريات..
    وللاسف انها فاتت على الجيل الجديد الله يحفظ الجميع

  2. Concuerdo con los 2 primeros lugares, pasaba horas con el pitfall y el hero

  3. God those Pac-man ports for Atari 2600 were horrible.

  4. Seriously. Asteroids? ffffffffffffffffffffffff

  5. While this list does include some good games, it by no means captured the best.
    Adventure Challenging, frustrating but well thought out and very replayable
    Megamania Yes, it is an enhanced Space Invaders, but faster paced, more fun and overall high quality
    Kaboom Probably the best paddle based game
    Pitfall 2 No, you couldn't die, but could you get a perfect score? I did! Great music track
    Keystone Capers Fun, fast paced, and deceptively difficult

    Combat could not be played single player, really. Armor Battle on Intellivision was far superior.
    Atari racing games paled in comparison to contemporaries on other platforms. Coleco Turbo comes to mind
    The big names, Donkey Kong, Pac-Anything, and so on were awful on Atari until the 5200.

  6. That washed out sound is hilarious lmao

  7. I lost my whole family to the Atari console. We started playing, dad thought he was better and when I proved him wrong, a lot of guns were drawn and I am the only one alive.. thank you Atari for brushing me up to form cat like skills and reflexes in this dawg that I am!😊👍🏻R.I.P everyone

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